EMBA 27 Preparing for the CFA Exam

Malobi Ogbechie Written by Malobi Ogbechie · 1 min read >

It is never easy preparing for an exam. It is even harder to prepare when you have an extremely busy week of travels and business meetings to attend to. It seems as though all of the opportunities and work chose to manifest themselves on the first weekend of exams.

Where do I begin? I have just got back from a trip to Jos where I met with a cooperative of female farmers in Riyom, Plateau state. The trip was fruitful. I got to meet many of the farmers that I hadn’t met before. Many of them were happy to see us and hear about how we plan to add value to their community. We spoke about offering them a tractor service, providing mechanized tools, and buying all of their produce at the end of harvest. After the conversation with the cooperatives, I was in high hopes. One of the men at the meeting recommended I meet with the husbands of the farmers the next day and we did so. The next day we met with their husbands and didn’t quite get the same reception. They were welcoming and listened intently to what we had to say, but they weren’t as excited as their wives. At the end of the meeting, we were told that they would get back to us with some feedback whilst we searched for a tractor for them.

The stop after Plateau was Lagos. Bear in mind that I have been squeezing in an hour to two here and there to study which was not easy. I missed most of the group revision sessions because I was exhausted after farm visits. Eventually, I gave up trying to make the group revision sessions and decided that I would revise by myself. The isolated revision has been very fruitful. I have read 2 out of the 3 chapters covered this semester. It is crazy to think about the amount of information that I didn’t understand completely in class that is covered in the suggested reading. Right now I am squeezing in some minutes to write this blog just before I dash off to do another task. I am currently in Lagos, flying to Port Harcourt tomorrow, then off to Abuja on Monday. If that isn’t a busy schedule then I don’t know what is.

Honestly, this course has been great so far. I have learned a lot and I know that I am going to complete it. It might be stressful at times, but it will be done. There will be business opportunities, family commitments, and networking events that I will have to make whilst taking this course but I know that I can do all of them. If there have been others that have done it before me, then why can’t I do it? It may sound crazy but that is one of the main things driving me. I am not a quitter and I know this is achievable. Tomorrow morning is my 6.45 am flight and my exam is in the afternoon. Wish me luck!

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