I Took The Train Today

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Took the train today
First off it was so scary I mean compared to the stories we had heard about the trains in Africa ,
I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had mentally prepared for this journey for about 5 days 😂. Going back on forth with my friends and asking about 6 people. I was told to go for the off peak hours . After breakfast, I stayed at home and decided to leave late at about noon. People will disappoint you. I had a friend that was supposed to go with me but instead she bailed on me I decided to take the bill by it’s horn. I walked yo the train station at 12pm and got there in about 5 minutes contrary to the 8 minutes the map told me.
Thankfully, I saw a staff who I spoke to on how to get to my destination. Apparently it was a straight train and it was really cheap he asked that I use my card instead of cash and it was surprisingly way cheaper. I got on the platform and realized it was a straight one-way train.
Hmm all these is looking better than I expected. I got on the train and looked for signs and maybe familiar faces. Of course there were no faces but yes there were signs and from there I noticed that we were going to have about 17 stops Wow. I sat close to a family of 5 and enjoyed their conversations and was lulled to sleep with their whispers. I set an alarm of about one hour and I couldn’t even sleep and here I am writing this piece 😌.
The stops are going well and we are already at the 7th stop. Not a bad experience for a first timer I will definitely come back for this. The ride is so organized and I love it, the only downside is the absence  of internet onboard.

Oh yes. We are here. 18 stops later actually and my was it a long ride but I enjoyed it.

Would I be trying this again? Definitely .in fact I would take another ride tomorrow just to experience this again.

I would need to buy a sim card though because this internet cutoff is not enjoyable atall.

It was a good day at the mall and I actually did enjoy the experience. I rather this mall to the one beside the house.

My ride back home was a little easier but again I still had to seek the help of a guard to find the right platform because there are about 40 platforms and then one can get lost and you no only need to enter the wrong platform to waste 3 hours of your time.

I got on the train right on time and this time we had just 10 stops. Not too bad but yes better than the earlier trip.

We should do this again.

Till next time.

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