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It’s a fast-paced world here in Lagos Business School or as I like to call it,” The LBS”. You risk being left behind if you cannot up your momentum with swift adaptability. Take for instance, a typical day in class, say, Data Analytics class for example; we are being taught how to better navigate the world of Excel to work statistical magic and I am all attention in, all antennas alert but, I reach out to pick up a piece of paper that I briefly prioritize over the ongoing session, and when I get back, it seemed as though the same wand being used to work the statistical magic had been pointed my way- all that I thought I had a grip of became only clear as mud as, I tried to grasp the new spell the “Faculty” was on about(and I hear speed of light does it better?)

What is my point really? Only to lay emphasis on the fact that there is a treasure-hold of details being parceled out here on a daily basis – in every class, interaction, reading, case, etcetera. Not just the standard-issue but, exceptionally relatable bits that groom one for a world of adept leadership and professionality. Another example, a quote shared during one of the “Social Skills” brush-up sessions. It read:

“Eating is not an executive skill… but it is especially hard to imagine why anyone negotiating a rise to the top would consider it possible to skip mastering this very simple requirement… what else did they skip learning”

                                                                          A Fortune 500 CEO


For me, that is a good example of “there is more than meets the eye.” The quote in itself is versed but, it is the implication for me (as the saying goes). Reading this, sort of sets in motion a mental premise for the necessity to not only begin to reflect upon and then work on the many “small skills” one might have overlooked over time but, to begin to pay attention and, on the lookout to master every other skill, no matter how insignificant compared to the more complex skills that often are the focus- in the course of getting to the top of the food chain.


During a “Team Building” brush-up session, the faculty educated us on the power of the unspoken and its ability to deal great damage if left unattended to. This is because, unspoken conversations can be very toxic. When issues are left unaddressed, that does not make them go away. In fact, they continue to exist and thrive even though hidden under a mask. “You begin to find scenarios where, we are talking about it even when we are not”, he said. Unfortunately, the longer we leave it unaddressed, the more the discomfort it carries with it, heightens. But, once light is shed on it, it loses its hold. Regardless of how uncomfortable the process might be, it is important if there is a need to sustain such a relationship.


With these bits here and there, I feel more equipped to take on the world with each passing day. I am more comfortable making the difficult decisions and I am learning to learn afresh the things that I need to unlearn and those that I did not quite learn the right way.

See you at the top!


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