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I had to visit a neighbor who worked in a security company. I sat in the reception and took in the ambiance, scenery, and atmosphere. When you walk into a facility or environment and smell mediocrity, you will see it in the body language of the staff, the lack of maintenance with resources, and the structure of operations.

This company was different. Everything was simple but classy. I got a glimpse of some of the other work areas and I could feel that there was an air of excellence around.

I took in the scenery as I sat down and then wondered who exactly was in charge of this fine facility. That was 11 years ago.


The unseeing hand that weaves the details of your past present and future together, the force that makes sense of the odd events and circumstances you experienced long ago in years to come. Yes, that is destiny.


I couldn’t believe my eyes. I looked through the LBS mentorship sheet saw the name, and then the company.

The minute it hit me I knew there was no need of looking through the mentor sheet for other names. I wanted only one person as my mentor but I remembered the career manager had said we should have 3 choices: first choice, second choice, and third choice

I filled out the form hurriedly and picked my dream mentor as my first and second choice. I reluctantly picked another name as my third choice to fulfill all righteousness.

Two weeks later I got an email that I had been paired with my mentor. I hurriedly looked through the mail. I wanted to scream. No; to dance. Oh well, I could have screamed for joy and danced all at the same time. I knew without a doubt it wasn’t luck or chance, nor was it a coincidence. Once again destiny had shown its power


My phone was ringing, I picked it up to check the caller; I saw his name written in bold letters as I had saved it.

I picked up the call and froze. Of course, I was star-struck. For about 5 seconds I could not speak, couldn’t think, just the feeling that a man who was a business mogul and captain of industry was at the other end of the line saying hello was enough.

After what seemed like a lifetime I finally forced myself to say: Hello sir my name is Oluwakemi, Thank you for calling sir.

He said hello and then proceeded to tell me very nicely that he was very busy and would call me back in at noon so we could talk better.

I quickly blurted out: I will call you back sir, just give me a time.

He did and briefly said his goodbyes.

I was still reeling from the shock of the call.

Nothing compared to the joy of finally speaking to the businessman who had by his dexterity turned around a small-scaled company to a globally recognized one with international affiliations, increasing the company’s service line from one to six subsidiaries. I had goosebumps.

  was this the very same person I had wondered about 11 years ago? 

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