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It was a long time ago, in the land of myth and a time of magic. When men were still men, virgins were still virgins and sex was still sexy.

There lived a great king whose reputation was spread throughout the kingdom. He was a kind yet fearless king, gentle but not stupid. His previous victory in battles made his enemies think twice before attacking him or his allies. His name was Ebubedike but he was fondly called Ikwukwu, which meant breeze because you could never see him coming.

He had just gotten married to his 7th wife in an elaborate ceremony just two months ago. Getting her hand in marriage was not a easy feat because she was the only daughter of the Chief Priest, Okara nmadu okara nmuo. The only human rumored to have see Amadioha face to face and remains on earth with mere mortals. “Many have seen and gone, but Okara nmadu saw and conquered.” They whispered.

The Chief Priest had announced that whoever that was interested in his daughter’s hand will participate in a 5 days hunting and come back with a dead lion. Only Ikwukwu came back alive amongst the 25 able bodied bachelors that participated.

Just like most families, the King’s family had its own share of troubles. His Elder brother, Ahamefuna was cursed by their father, the late Igwe. Ahamefuna committed an abomination as a teenager by sleeping with his father’s youngest wife. It happened on the night that the late king married his 15th wife, he was getting ready to meet her in her chambers as she was being prepared for him. Ahamefuna lied to Ebubedike that he had dreamt that that woman will cause his downfall. Because Ebubedike was the King’s favorite child, his elder brother convinced him to talk to his father that night and say that the dream was his.

Ebubedike did as he was told, unknown to him that he was just a pawn in his brother’s game. While his father was distracted with Ebubedike’s cock and bull dream, he snuck into his step mother’s chamber and took her virginity.

When his father found out what he had done, he cursed him and said he will never sit on the throne after he dies and his downfall will be caused by a woman. Ebubedike pleaded with their father but it feel on deaf eyes. When their father died, Ikwukwu ascended the throne and made his elder brother his right hand man out of the respect and love he had for him.

Ebubedike’s time with his new wife was short lived as news got to him that one of his villages was under attack and he had to set out for the battlefield.

On the day he was to leave with his men, he locked his new wife in a room that had only an opening for food and water to be made available to her. He called Ahamefuna and said to him, “I am going to the battlefield and my queen has been locked up until I return. But in case I don’t make it back alive, you are the only one I trust enough to leave her under your care. If anything happens to me, please take care of her.”

Afterwards, he set out on his horse. He had gone a long distance before he realized that his brother was riding behind him. He quickly stopped and ordered his men to do the same. He was worried and thought about why Ahamefuna followed them. I cannot let my brother come with me on this battle, he thought.

As Ahamefuna approached Ebubedike, he was panting hard but was still able to say, “my king you forgot to drop the key.” #MMBA3

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