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My quest for added knowledge started from my growing up as a young girl, my mother was my role model and inspiration. I looked up to her for everything I did because I admired her a lot and wanted to be like her when I grow. Based on this, I promised myself to get to her level in life and do better. 
One day, I had a discussion with her, asking her why most of her colleagues will always call her for clarification on things relating to their job. She responded that she had more experience in the job more than them and also had the academic qualification more than them, so most of them saw her as superior to them in the job because of the academic qualifications she had acquired which gave her upper hand in the office. Her reply made me quest for more knowledge so immediately I made a decision to further my education.
I started having plans of doing my MBA after graduation but the problem was how to make a good decision on the school I wanted because I did not just want to pass through the school but I needed the school to pass through me too.  I began searching for schools outside Nigeria, and sending mails to the ones I thought had what I wanted. 
One day, after our regular weekly board meeting, I decided to talk to my boss about acquiring an MBA qualification, if he could help me out with names of good universities in the Uk. He asked if I wanted to go over and study there? I quickly interrupted him that it was going to be online. He ask why the UK? I responded by saying that I wanted a good education, that I was not sure I could get such from Nigeria. He laughed and asked if I had heard about "LAGOS BUSINESS SCHOOL"? In his words, "they are good. One of the best in the world". I said thank you sir and returned to my office. When I got into my office, I opened my laptop and keyed in the name LAGOS BUSINESS SCHOOL. I started reading about the school and realised that what I was looking for was just around me. There was no need doing the same MBA at a higher cost online when I could do it in LBS at a lesser cost with a better experience and gain more in all aspect.  
I reached out to them via a phone call and I was told on how to apply and the requirements. My interest in the school increased when I was told that I needed to write an NMAT exams. I was amazed with that because NMAT is usually  a requirement for schools outside Nigeria, "Then their standard must be really high", I said. I did the necessary things I was asked to do by the school admission board and luckily for me, I got the admission.
My brush up time table was sent, I looked through it to see if there was any course I was familiar with. To my surprise, I saw statistics and excel, a course i never appreciated rather forced to pass during my BSc because it was a prerequisite to another course and I couldn't afford to rewrite it. I made up my mind at this point to make excel one of my best courses. My Excel lecturer is amazing, he is a genius. He has a way of making you understand what you think is difficult especially to someone like me who never liked the course. He takes his time to put you through a particular phase before he moves to another phase. He has made the course interesting that I stay on my own and try out what was taught during the previous class and realise that the course is not as difficult as I thought cause the more you practice, the more you become perfect on it. All you need to know are the right formulas and to understand the basic Excel rules.  

I am going to stop here for now and hope you enjoyed reading my article. More stories coming your way on my quest for knowledge on my next article. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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