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Everyday we hear stories of men killing women and oh my I would not like to be partial atall so lets also speak about women killing men.

But domestic violence though… what really is the intent for the action. Why would anyone think of raising their hands on a fellow human? It always beats me. The last that I heard of an older Christian gospel artist been beaten by her husband and I never stopped thinking how wicked he must have been because how can one hit an ‘old’ woman. Where did the strength even come from? Because even he is not a young man himself.

But then again when does ‘ self defense’ come in? why would I stand and allow another person beat me up badly and I would not react? That’s absurd to me. Well, I guess people have different reactions to situations.

Do these violent people show these signs in the early stages of the “ship” ? or does it just spring from nowhere. I think that a human can not just suddenly change. I mean you must have seen all these signs  before getting deep into the ship.

How can we actually stop people from being violent to others especially to people they claim to love. I have heard somewhere that some parties are of the believe that if he/she doesn’t hit or ‘correct’ me then the love is not there. Did I just say ‘correct’? yes I did. I only wonder the type  of upbringing these people had to think that beating equals correction. When was the last time they allowed their parents hit them. I am sure they would not allow their birth parents that chance but their ‘lover’ gets exclusive rights of correction.

Another cause can probably be an esteem issue. Maybe they think they are not good enough for the lover they are with and can therefore take whatever treatment they are meted on.

The friends and relations that know of the abuse their cooleague is facing and keeps quite are guilty because how can I know that my friend is being abused and I would not call the police or even get the abuser arrested. Well what do they say about helping somebody that does not want to be helped. I am here to say that I will force that help on you.

How can I forgive myself if that partner kills you? How do these people sleep at night?

The time to walk away is NOW! At the little hint of violence even a shove is sig enough to RUN!!

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