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This African proverb that says” If you want to go fast go alone but if you want to go far go together” was one of my major highlights from the classes we received on Group Dynamics and Team building. As figurative as it sounds, it deepened my horizons about the importance of Team buildings and how they would impact positively on my career. The Course highlighted in many ways its importance by analyzing the paradox of team working

Every team is a group of people but not every group of people is a Team, and there is a difference between “working in teams” and “working as a team”, the explanation was further broken down to us by the faculty and I understood the clear distinction.

 “Working in Teams” involves a variety of people who are in a group working together but do not unify themselves to work, whereas “working as a team” also involves a group of people working together where everyone aligns and unifies for a common purpose and objective, the underlying point here is a common purpose.

The key Roles in Team Building are:

  1. Common purpose – This is an influence in a team and not merely control.
  2. Collaboration -This is cooperation to achieve set policies and processes.
  3. Trust- This is exhibiting critical elements of Trustworthiness. These elements are further broken down into 3: a. Credibility (Competence and Professionalism) b .Reliability (Integrity) and c. Intimacy (Relationship)

The equation for trust was taught to be Credibility + Reliability+ Intimacy= Trust and the bedrock and determining factor for this equation is self-centeredness, which means that for your trust to be achieved adequately without any form of bias, it must have been based on a selfless act. The goal of team building should never deviate from the common purpose for which the team was created.

The importance of carrying everyone along during our LBS journey was overemphasized and He explained in very clear terms how necessary it was to make sure everyone’s interest is incorporated as we would be placed in various groups to work together as teams.

This got me thinking so deeply that I realized that most of the jobs I could have beat my chest to say I did in my office as a team where I ended up rounding off alone simply to meet up with deadlines were invariable just me working in teams because I thought that the goal was just to achieve the desired purpose of the team regardless of how the target was reached but after my classes at the LBS on team building. I got a better understanding of the vital attributes that foster working as a team.

The Course made me unlearn certain dogmatic approaches I had already nurtured for the past years, and I interestingly relearned a lot which I have already started incorporating and my Colleagues are pleasantly surprised at the refined welcoming approach I entertain during teamwork after I went for my brush up sessions at the Lagos Business School.

Written by: Chika Laju-okorodudu


Written by Chika Laju-okorodudu
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