Gratitude for the brush-up classes, the Importance of Knowledge

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I’ve always been with the school of thought that we learn and unlearn every day and just because you know something doesn’t mean you cannot learn new things to supplement what you know. So, it’s important to have an open mind with every topic whether new or old.

We started with a brush up class for most of our lectures at LBS. I realised there were things I knew as status quo, but do not know how to break it down or its foundation. Also, there were elements that I’d long forgotten, and the revisions were really appreciated. 

I’ve always believed that a good teacher is measured by his teaching techniques which reflects on the level his students understanding, Mr Akintola really embodied this. His patience and teaching technique helped I and my classmates a lot. In a class with diverse professional and educational backgrounds, it was interesting to see most of us learning that Accounting could be made easy. Now I’m not disputing that it is not a difficult or complex subject, but it is not rocket science and I loved the way the class came to that realisation.

I’ll give an example on Financial Analysis and Basic Accounting, while I’m used to analysing financial statements regularly and I recognise the various types of financial analysis and their uses, the definition and most of its basis I didn’t remember. So, it was like a refresher course I didn’t realise I needed. One I very much appreciated.

There is a theory called Hubris which in Greek methodology was usually towards the gods. This occurs when a person exhibits excessive pride, presumptions, arrogance, or dangerous overconfidence. Please note the word “Over-Confidence”

In most cases I’ve seen that over confidence is better termed as Ignorance. Most of us do not care or want to listen to teachings on topics we feel we know, especially those we specialise in. We believe that we know it already, probably gotten professional certifications on it, so it’s not necessary. What we do not realise is that most times, these teachings will supplement or boost up what we already know and sometimes it can also correct some misconceptions we have.

We should not just listen for ourselves, but we should also listen for others. There might also be errors on the part of the lecturers that would need your correction. Everybody in the classroom learns, including the faculty. 

So therefore, we should endeavour to practice not letting ego or arrogance get in the way of us acquiring knowledge. We are all at LBS to gain knowledge, we should practice learning our money’s worth and more. It is crucial to building a better character and intellectual development. We should never assume we know it to the extent of thinking we don’t need it, that could be catastrophic. 

We should all remember that one of the aims of wanting to acquire an MBA is to be successful at our chosen fields and Knowledge is the key to success.

So, to my readers, if you are among the school of thought that some or all the brush up classes were not needed, I’d advise you to do away with that belief, open your drive and attentively listen and watch the Brush-up classes videos. Believe me, it would be worth it.

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