We must pass oooooo

I do not get exam fever. I can’t remember ever being apprehensive towards any particular exam or may be my memory has failed me. In any case, Exam starts on the 22nd of April 2022. It is the first semester exam. A baptism of fire of what examination looks like at Lagos business school. I was particularly apprehensive about this one because they are mostly calculation related. As someone with a biology background and little exposure to arithmetric calculations, it is giving me some creepy feelings.

Every time I see an excel sheet filled with calculations, I just develop migraine instantly and my vision becomes blurry. There is a guy in my group that likes analysis of business problems course and he is very swift to compute a wide variety of calculations for each case. I sometimes feel the calculations are too much but what do I know? I don’t know how I will work on the calculations for my exam yet but I know I will do just fine. Somehow I always catch up and the EMBA 27 group is structured in a way that it is a community that is supportive of each other.

Data analytics is another one that used to give me palpitation until I stumble on a youtube video that simplified it for me and now it looks like a piece of cake. CFA too used to scare me but not anymore after I discovered a youtube video that simplified it as well. Management communication is the least of my concern or perhaps I should be. It is English language and shouldn’t be that hard nonetheless I will give it the respect it deserves and not take it for granted. It should be an easy excellent grade.

We have this whatsapp group called ‘everyone must pass oooo. There is an overkill of the letter o in the phrase. It is a colloquial way of conversing amongst Nigerians to stress the phrase before it. The everyone must pass group was curated by Arewa Kemi, a lady who is altruistic and as pretty as her name. What Kemi does is to liaise with fellow students whose core strength lies in a particular course. Kemi books them to spare time to teach interested students who are struggling in the course. The courses are sometimes held on Sundays or Saturdays. It is a virtual tutorial lesson and we meet on zoom or Microsoft meet up. So far the tutorials have been helpful.

The camaraderie exhibited amongst us is also commendable. There is an unwritten understanding that excelling in the exam is not a competition but a team work to all come out successful. Although there is alpha-beta gamma or sigma award to applaud the best ten percent in the class but I doubt if anyone is gunning for it. I could be wrong though but the alpha-beta sigma or whatever it is called is an induction into a club and with a hotel discount attached to it. Apart from that, I can’t remember much of the benefits it has. At the end of the day, the exam is just 30 percent and a test of our understanding  of the course and the probability of being able to apply whatever has been learnt to our daily activities going forward. Test and exams have never been a true test of intelligence but until we get a better metric, it remains the only one in use. All the best to all of us and we must pass ooo.

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