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Love, love and again another love. Tone word we hate talking about the most yet the one word we cannot live without. 

Haha!!! I caught you!!! Yes, indeed it is the type of love you are thinking about. The one that binds you, makes you hold your pillow at night and smile while crying. The same type of love sung about by Adele, SYML, Labyrinth, John Legend and you know, the other guys who made billions of dollars singing about what we do not like to talk about. 

It is that same love shown on Instagram, two hands strolling barefoot by the beach in summer. It is the same love now portrayed as weakness on Twitter yet deeply yearned for by the most sarcastic nerd hiding behind a white bird on a blue background application. It is the same love, arguably the most important part of our lives, yet the very part we try to run away from. The very same type we have seen, felt and known since we were kids. Although it evolves from stage to stage becoming deeper and more purposeful. 

It is the weakness of every man/woman, yet strength to those who find it. It has brought many to disgrace causing them to slap colleagues on their days of glory. Yet it is the same that has motivated others to go through the rigours of institutions like the amiable Lagos Business School and overcome. With the ability to create saviours it can also raise monsters, a master yet a submissive follower.

Love is a weapon to those who understand it and riches to those who find it. Love numbs the pain, it is the strongest drug, enabling us to take life’s bullets, chew them spit them back at her. But it is glorified irony it takes only the vulnerably weak to access its strength. Love resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. Choose ye this day to love and love with all your might, all your strength and your soul. Fight for love like your life depends on it because it somewhat does. Fight for love and she will fight for you. 

Crossover to the winning side, the side where every morning is sunny and the night’s moon truly silver. Have you seen the sun in her true golden glory? Well, we all have an opportunity to let love lead. Life is deep and confusing but trust me, your heart knows the way. We love to complicate the simple things and make a mess of everything because too many times we allow our pride to get in the way. It takes humility to love and be loved but the rewards are infinitely greater than the sacrifice. Enough of the failed marriages, enough of us losing our lives to domestic violence, love is not torturous. Love is beautiful but only enjoyed with a clean heart and two clean hands. Take the bold step today, do it for the sake of old age, trust me your 60 years old self will thank you for that. 

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