The Last Class Ended Rudely

Axella Yusuf Written by Axella Yusuf · 1 min read >
Today we would be having Management Communication Class and I want every one of you to write 3 blogs per week’. These words would always ring in my subconscious. These words were a shock to me because oh I know I like to pride myself as one that can write ‘sometimes’ but then this blog idea was a total ballgame and I was wondering how I was going to navigate. Management Communications is very important in Business and that is most likely why that is a course for MBA students. As a manger, you are employed to make decisions and for you to be perceived as a good manager, you should know how to ‘communicate’ or pass across your decisions or thoughts to your subordinates and even your bosses. Presentations are a daily part of the ‘JD’ of a Manager. for you to effectively make decisions, you need to even present that decision before it can come to life. so tell me, ‘how can you escape this course?’ there is actually absolutely no way. hmm, how does one speak clearly void of intonations and accents ? especially in a country like ours where anyone can accuse you of ‘trying to form accents’ . see, all these things are not easy but then that is why we are here learning this course and then of course you have to Practice, Practice, Practice…… It is safe to say ; in life you can never stop learning . There is something that is common in most courses at the MBA Level and that is the case studies; again how would case studies be used to teach this class.. well i guess we only have to wait it is just only our 3rd class. Ohh I actually remember our first class on this course I saw tenses and the usual English words, parts of speech, etc and I thought it was just another advanced English class and I had mixed feelings really because well people say English is easy and then can be easy too . haha what a paradox. Oh how did I even forget our ‘elevator speech’ of vying for a 10k seed funding for your company ahh I’m sure every young or old person in Lagos has that speech ready for whenever because I absolutely have mine o so that was a chip of cookie for me . Oh my look at the chat box. ‘Sir, there are people waiting outside the class, oh I cant get in, I was thrown out, please let me in. hmmmm all these people why did you not come into the class 15 minutes before commencement as the school advised. Even I was just a little lucky because I joined the class at about 5;10 and before then, my internet acted up. Anyways, I am in thank heavens as for those outside, keep praying the door may just be thrown open for you. and just as I was still trying to properly digest what I had just heard and all these numerous thoughts in my head, the class ended abruptly.

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