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Writer's Block

I have no choice but to make writing my business. The good thing is that it is not an activity that I have to analyze before I decide on what to write, or do I have to?

Analysis of business problems class really opened my eyes to see that a lot goes into making decisions for any business. Writing can be likened to analyzing business problems, only in this case it is not a problem. However, the approach seems quite similar to me.

A lot goes into planning the topic I would like to write about, what points I have gathered regarding this topic, and how many paragraphs I must write. A few other things I need to check are what are the barriers to my writing and what can I do to eliminate those barriers, consider who the audience of my write-up will be, make time to write, make a draft, and review what I wrote, and publish. These steps look like they are a lot, but until I take the first step, nothing is done.

For some people, writing comes easily to them. They get inspired by the most minute thing in their environment and they can utilize the most common form of mental operation, which is the automatic, effortless, and often unconscious method. These people can look at the sun rising early in the morning and get inspired to write, or inspiration can come from merely feeling the movement of the wind across their faces.

For some others, writing does not come naturally. These ones must permit themselves to be intentional and deliberate about writing. They will adopt the not-so-common form of mental operation which takes conscious but controlled effort, application of logic inclusive. I would imagine that this is the method that is applied to most academic papers, whereby much time is spent researching and gathering data, carrying out experiments, collaborating with fellow academics, writing drafts, editing, and proofreading before finally publishing. I can also liken this write-up to one where I and my colleagues must utilize this same mental operation. We each must write creatively, utilizing learnings from our lectures. This also means we must pay rapt attention while in class as you never know where you will eventually draw inspiration from. It could be from the faculty, diverse views from one’s classmates (whom I would rather call colleagues), which could be verbal or non-verbal.

At the end of the day, what is the essence of this post? As something that we must do every day, writing takes effort. We often process what we intend to write in our minds before we type it out, and that is a level of cognitive ability. From responding to a casual text from a friend to responding to an official message from our bosses, to randomly creating a post on any of our social media pages, there is a whole process that goes from identifying what we want to write about to writing. This is no small feat.


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