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We’ll explore the business problem-solving model using the five steps of the problem-solving model. We will focus more on the problem definition step. You can easily and effectively solve a business problem systematically. Problems are all around us and problem-solving is central to our success in life and leadership every problem is unique but the techniques for solving them don’t have to be reinvented each time you face a dilemma before we begin the task of identifying and solving problems let’s take a moment to define some important terms. 

Problem-solving is the process of finding alternatives and applying the one best solution. A problem is a complex issue needing to be overcome. Alternatives are available possibilities to overcome a problem and a solution is the best possible alternative to solve the problem adopting a framework for problem solving will help you meet the challenges your problems present.

Problem solving has five basic steps 

step 1; Discover where you identify the problem

step 2 investigate you gather the information to define the problem 

step 3 you produce as many alternatives as possible

step 4 you put the one best solution into effect and 

step 5 review assess the effects of your solution 

Identify the problem: the discovery step is all about preparation being open-minded to understand the problem and the possibilities before you. The human mind needs to sort through data and categorize it in order to perceive it, this causes you to create borders to your thinking where none exists within these borders there’s often no solution you find yourself facing a dilemma or a dead end and it appears unsolvable from inside those walls, you may realize that something’s not working but you may not be able to put your finger on it.

You need to recognize the obstacles preventing you from reframing the borders that confine your thinking. Gather information to define the problem much of the effort of problem solving involves understanding what the underlying issues really are, we look for root causes, related information, ideas, risks, costs and benefits associated with problems. Defining the real problem is the first major milestone on the way to a solution. It frequently takes as much time to identify and understand the problem as it does to solve it when you begin to investigate the problem. It’s important to identify a few key elements of the problem. 

It is very important to identify stakeholders, who else does the problem impact, who can help you gather information, these are the folks you should talk with to understand the nuances of the challenge. Stakeholders are either affected by your problem or their involvement is needed to resolve the matter,  you need to identify them listen to them and involve them as you work. 

Brainstorming which can be an important tool in problem definition is all about sharing ideas around a theme the concept is simple, get a few people together to think about a topic and capture the results. The idea is to embrace spontaneity, originality and imagination. There are a number of ways to generate ideas the process of brainstorming should be kept simple.

You have to encourage the most creativity and openness with your team or on your own during brainstorming.

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