When Nothing else Matters
When Nothing else Matters

There are times and situations in the life of man when nothing else matters. It is good to have big dreams and pursue them, but sometimes, the dreams really would not matter again. There comes a time when having millions of dollars in the bank account does not bring the satisfaction we need. All the wealth and riches accumulated over many years of hard labor become a topic of less importance. Having the power to positively direct and impact the people around us is always appealing. However, there are times when the power goes to the bottom in our scale of preference exempt for the dictators. What happens when nothing else matters?

Nothing else matters to a man with a deplorable health condition. Not the money, or power, big dreams or aspirations, nothing else but a restatement of sound health.


When a man is critically sick, nothing really matters much at that moment but the desire to be healthy again. You think about all the glory of this world, and it just would not make sense to you. All that matters at that moment is the hope and faith to be back to life again. Most people spend this time carrying out an audit of their lives, the good and the wrong they have done. It is a moment of genuine personal assessment with the desire to reconcile with the past. While some think about life after death, some have strong faith to keep life going until the very last.

Just like the product life cycle with different stages (growing, optimum, and declining), human life also has its stages. It comes like a blossoming flower and a rising star and gradually goes down until the energy is faded away.


Being sick sometimes could come with its blessing, especially to those who hardly find time to rest. To be healthy and agile, it is important that we have a moment to rest and maintain a minimum hour of sleeping time. However, some individuals find it hard to sleep, even the minimum number of hours required to maintain a healthy lifestyle. While on the sickbed and the noise is no more, we remember that good health is more valuable than wealth. During this time, we remember the child that has been neglected and needs our love and affection. We recall family members and sometimes spouses that have not been given optimum attention. Without the daily noise, we remember the less privileged around us, whom we have not done enough to care for. It is a peaceful moment of personal reflection.


Many people are not sick physically, but their mental health is being impaired by situations or conditions around them. Never compromise your mental health either at the workplace or within the family cycle.

Our health is very important. We must ensure we give it the best care so that we can continue to be in good shape to pursue our dreams. It is only when we are in good health that life really matters, and we see the beauty of the world. The world is not beautiful to a man that is critically sick.

Joshua Adeyemi (EMBA27)

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