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I never imagined in my entire life that l would learn how to do a proper handshake or even learn how to receive and initiate a handshake.

It was quite an enlightening and thrilling moment for me on the day of our social skills session. On entering the class, the faculty seemed interesting and intriguing in nature; the way she dressed, talked, her composure and panache. It was at that point I realized that there was something about her that will be useful to me.

There was a lot to learn, from the right way to speak, dress, talk and act in business/formal environment, all these which are beneficial most especially to me as a business student and future manager. I learnt that some of the things I trivialized are significant in the business world. One of the things that struck me was hearing her speak on the appropriate dining table etiquette, which were the right way to enter a dining, how to sit, what meal to eat first and last, the proper cutlery to use at any given course, knowing when and how to drink a red or white wine in relation to red and white meat(red wine goes with red meat, and vice versa), how to identify and hold the various wine and champagne glasses, amongst others.

I also learnt the basics of introduction, how and when to do a formal introduction, who to introduce first and last in a business setting, the right titles to use during introductions. I was also taught how to walk into an office, hmmm, who could have thought that there was a right way to walk into an office? I was also in awe when I was taught the right way to sit and stand as a lady, never in my entire existence would I have known the appropriate way to sit or stand. Of course, I know as a lady, the right way to do those things, but I was marveled at the instances and explanations she gave. She spoke on the proper hairdo to have on in an office and during business meetings.

At the end of the session with the faculty, Ms. Ngozi Chantal Caulcrick, I was satisfied with all that was taught and illustrated. It all sank in, and I can say for sure that a lot of good attributes have been instilled in me. They will come in clutch for me in the nearest future. Aah! Did I mention I had a free meal at school that day? Another reason I enjoyed the session…I did not get to pay a penny!  I must say it was an interesting and easy day for me at school. Special thanks to the faculty that spoke to I and the rest of my class, and to the organizers of the social skills session.


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