Is Excel excellent?

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Is Excel excellent? Yes, I am referring to the programming tool called Excel.

I wonder why it was called Excel in the first place, oh, that is something I can research on. I asked my question because the term ‘excellent’ is a word that is used to describe anything that is great, of the highest quality, and even splendid.

I am amused by the myriad of functions that this tool can perform. I wonder about the mind that went into creating and designing Excel, what was the intention? I am sure one intention was to create value and improve the analysis of the ever-increasing data that we daily accumulate in our database.

Is it not just a tool with rows and columns? So, what makes it special such that so many of our quantitative and even qualitative functions must be performed within it to make sense of the information we are working with, and to get results that help make decisions? What makes it all-encompassing such that even those we term ‘gurus’ rate their proficiency as level 3, or even 2? What then is the fate of some of us who are yet to get to level 2?

‘Some of us’, ugh! That is what Dr. Francis our Data Analytics faculty says, as though he were part of us. That man speaks so passionately about Data, and you can tell that he has been completely sold out. During our last class, he mentioned that by the next lecture, we would begin to treat the subject ‘spaces’. Spaces? We have barely perused earth with excel, SQL, and Python and now we are going outer space. #Deepsigh. I kid. You know, the other day I was revising some Python lessons and I silently prayed that I would not have a nightmare filled with this specie of snakes, but hey, I did. No, it was not a scary one and I am determined to stare Python in the face and hopefully murder it with the skilled competence that I will acquire.

Back to Excel. I realized that despite the vast abilities embedded in that tool, coupled with regular updates and additions to it, it is not yet in the league of the big boys. After all, we have been taught that any data that can sit in Excel is small data. Despite’s Excel’s capacity to expand, accommodate, receive, and implement instructions, and even with 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns, it is still not considered in that league of big data, simply because of the size of the data that can fit into it.

This then makes me wonder about humans. Every human has the potential to do great things and be on top of their world, that is our nature and how we have been programmed. However, just like Excel, what is the innate capacity that we carry? Do we even know? What functions and formulas have we adopted to respond to external commands in form of environmental factors that surround us daily?

Well, all I am saying is do not be all mouth and no action. Level up and come chill with the big boys. After all, that is why we are at LBS.


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