Gods Favorite

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There is something called ‘Gods Favorite” and I like to say that I am because every thing that I have thought of actually comes to me.

So my first experience with the Lagos Business School was just a passing thought because my aunt at the time lived close and she just always pointed the school out to me and said this is a beautiful school and most of my senior successful colleagues attended this, they are also well connected.

‘Do you know how my Managing Director got to his position’ she asked. i answered no nd she responded ; ‘He was the junior colleague to the chairman and always assisted him with information on assignments and classes, that singular act endeared him to the chairman who kept him in mind even after the course so much that when a position opened in the organization, he immediately recommended him. ‘

She did not know this, but those words stuck to me even 6 years after.

When the time to actually attend a masters programme came, i was genuinely confused and weighed all my options. I decided to go for an MBA instead because as they say; “it encompasses all that you can ever want”. I got a lot of suggestions to travel and take the course but should I say I was too lazy to do the “groundwork” or maybe It was just destiny pushing me to where I should actually be.

You Know I even had a really close friend attend the school and i thought to myself; ‘are the angels trying to whisper something to me”?

Life always brings you the things that are in your subconscious. people will like to call it ‘manifestation’ and honestly they are not wrong because why not. There is a popular saying ‘ You are what you think”

Start to subconsciously manifest all that you want and you would see it being your reality.

So now here we are. That “beautiful School” I always admired is now also my school.

It is Just God taking care of his Favorite Again.

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