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The ability to manage time effectively is a skill which is very important in today’s world where we are faced with lots of activities, hinderances and distractions This requires self-discipline, self-control and self-mastery in order to be in control of your life. Time they say is life and to achieve one’s purpose or goal in life, it is crucial to master the act of time management and this cannot be overemphasized for an MBA student.

Below are the following I learnt from my time management class

Definition: It is the degree to which individual perceive their use of time to be structured and purposive. It is also a technique to increase the time available to pursue activities.

Nature of time:

  1. Time is indispensable. Every action requires time
  2. Time is perishable but you can save it
  3. Time is consumable and you can only spend it
  4. Time is irreplaceable so you can never bring it back
  5. Time is sufficient. You have all the time you need. It depends how you use it
  6. Time flies. The good news is that you are the pilot

Time Management Matrix

What to do (Activities)                                                                   Action

1.Urgent and important (Necessities)Manage
2 Not urgent but important (Personal Leadership)Focus
3 Urgent not important (Distractions)Apply Caution
4 Not urgent and not important (time wasters)Avoid

The 4-D of time management

  • Dump it: It’s not important, it’s a time waster.
  • Delegate it: It’s important, but someone else can do it
  • Defer it: It’s not critical, it can wait. Schedule another time to complete it
  • Do it: It’s important; you need to do it now; and no one else can do it

The Psychology of time

  • Self-Affirmation: It starts within you. If you believe you are efficient, organized and capable, then you are
  • Act the part: Act as if you are efficient and organized
  • Don’t be afraid of failures and mistakes or missed deadlines
  • Start your day on a productive note such as making your bad when you wake up
  • Give yourself opportunity to succeed. I.e., do not chew more than you can swallow. Allow time for disruptions
  • Celebrate small victories: Congratulate yourself on each small step accomplished
  • Create balance in your life such as family, friends and rejuvenation.

Time Management Tips

  1. Do not start your day or go out without your to do list
  2. Ensure it is written down and not just in your head
  3. Always plan and think before you act
  4. Be organized. Put similar things, documents etc. together and label them.
  5. Schedule your priorities and not your preferences
  6. Maximize your schedules; group your activities
  7. If you multitask, do complimentary not competitive tasks
  8. Apply the 80/20 rule. Only 20% of the things you do account for 80% value of your time. The key is not to prioritize your schedule; it is to schedule your priorities.

In time management, effectiveness is as important as efficiency. Doing the right things at the right time.

Finally, “you cannot manage time but you can only manage your life “Peter Drucker. #MMBA3

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