Eye in the sky

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Before the ABP class I had last Saturday, I had only heard about teaching through videos from the movies. Mind you, this was not one of your safety videos giving you an electronic version of a user manual. I am talking about the real deal, an entire 2 hours 30 minutes classic movie that has inspired me. The eye in the sky movie was brought up in class of a case study. Unlike working with numbers where you get to pull out a number of digits from your case to make u the number, in these sort of cases, you need to catch your brain from failing you. The question as in the case of the movie is about a soldier that is supposed to capture a terrorist cell member from a building in Afgan. On checking the feed from the camera, she figures out that the head of the criminal organisation was in the building. In a feat of desperation to get approval for a missile strike on the building


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