Exam Fever

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In this article, I will be discussing exam fever

What is exam fever?

Exam fever is a feeling of distress or anxiety at the thought of writing examinations. It is natural to feel nervous about exams. This is particularly true of students of the EMBA programme given the large volumes of course materials to cover. When we add this to several group assignments and individual assignments, the situation appears quite dire.

The exams are here

The exam timetable for the first semester of the EMBA 27 class was recently released. The exams are due to start four weeks from now. It was a sobering reality seeing the timetable. It was no joke. The exams of the first semester of EMBA27 class were here, indeed. It is interesting that we would still experience jitters in this manner, considering the number of exams we have written individually and collectively as a class.

Preparation for exams

We will need to study our course materials carefully as we prepare for the exams. We will also need to revise our lecture notes. This is a tall order. Before now, we were barely coping with the demands of the programme. Combining the demands of work, school and family has been a delicate balance, a complex dance. Now, the exams have arrived, the day of reckoning is here.

Format of the exams

Fortunately, the exams were well-spaced out on the timetable. It should give us more time to prepare for each paper. I don’t know what the format of the exams would be. Will the exams be hand-written or type-written? Will the question format be essay or multiple-choice questions? I guess we will find out eventually. So, no need to worry about it.

People have different views about the usefulness of exams in assessing students’ knowledge. While some people believe that exams do not provide a true test of students’ knowledge, others feel that students may not perform optimally under stressful conditions. I believe exams give us the motivation to study hard. With the release of the exam timetable, we need to re-arrange our priorities. More time has to be devoted to academics than ever before. 

Care of the mind, body and soul

In the midst of all this, it is crucial to pay attention to self-care. A healthy body and a calm mind are needed to prepare for these exams. Similarly, we need to be at our best physically, mentally and emotionally during the exam season. I have often wondered if adults feel this nervous about exams, how then do children cope? The truth is, do we need to write exams at all? Isn’t it sufficient to attend classes, do assignments and study privately? What is the added benefit of writing an exam? To be honest, I don’t have the answers to these questions. Neither do I have the power to determine the appropriateness or not of writing exams. It is not within my control.

In contrast, what I have control over are reading my books, revising my lecture notes and giving the exams my best shot. I believe all will be well concerning these exams. Playing our part and with God on our side, we will pass our exams in flying colours. Amen. #EMBA27

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