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What A Crazy World
What A Crazy World

What a crazy world! shouted a 90-years old veteran, and I have seen evil things happen where they least expected. What a crazy world, where judges receive bribes in secrete to perverse judgment in the courtroom. The world, where there is little respect to the lives of fellow human beings. How would you describe a world where children are sexually abused by religious leaders and the evildoers go unpunished? The criminals are empowered with terrible ammunition by the corrupt member of law enforcement agencies meant to protect the populace. The world where trust is being eroded from our value composition, and friends betray one another for money and power. What a crazy world! It is meant to be a beautiful world, but greed, corruption, and wickedness have destroyed the beauty. It is hard to know who to trust in the world of today.

The Struggle of Margret, An 18-Year-Old Intelligent Girl

She was just 18 at the time, she was highly intelligent and smart. Margret was the best graduating student in her senior school certificate exams with 8 A’s and 1 B. What an excellent performance! Her parents were poor as they struggled to pay her school fees every year. Most often, she never had a textbook of her own, she borrows from friends. Though she graduated with the best result, the parents could not afford to send Margret to the higher institution. Unfortunately, the mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in the year following her graduation from secondary school. Her world was like collapsing as she struggled to find a path to a beautiful world she dreamt of. Mr. Paul, a family friend opted to sponsor Margret to school and decided to have her live with his family.

What A Angel!

What an Angel!

Margret was excited to come to Lagos to live with Mr. Paul and his wife, their children were studying abroad. She was enrolled for JAMB and prepared to move to the University of Lagos by September 2011. It was a sad day when Margret was abused and raped by Mr. Paul while the wife was on a business trip to Abuja. What a crazy world! Innocent Margret ran out of the house as she could not continue living under the same roof with a monster. At 19, she was on the street of Lagos fighting to discover life’s purpose in a crooked world. She lived only to survive for a day, not knowing where to sleep the following night until she met Dorcas. Dorcas offered to accommodate Margret, she was kind and appears godly. What an angel, Margret thought.

Losing A Beautiful Soul

Margret was happy as Dorcas offered to support her, and even sent money to her sick mum at home. She promised to secure admission for her in a school in North America. March 3rd, 2014, Margret was set to fly across the Atlantic Ocean to start a new journey to destiny. Little did innocent Margret know she was going to a place where her precious organs would be harvested and sold. She started being suspicious when she landed at the airport along with Dorcas, but it was too late. As Margret arrived in this godforsaken estate, she knew she had been sold to organ traffickers. After Dorcas’s arrest and prosecution in 2019, she confessed the pains Margret underwent while her precious heart was being harvested. What a Crazy world! A bright and beautiful soul just died mysteriously in the hand of a trusted “friend”.

A duty of Care

This world can still be a beautiful world if we show a duty of care to our neighbors. Individually, we can decide to make the world a better place to live in by choosing the right path. Yes, the wicked would always be around but we can set an example the future generation would follow. No matter the corruption in government, in religious worship centers, and offices, each person could opt for the right path. We can individually and collectively make a difference in this presently crazy world.

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