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We won the pitch

Funke woke up feeling disoriented; she had gone to the club with a few of her colleagues to celebrate the pitching win.  Her agency El-mad decided to divide the entire staff into teams of 7 to aid effectiveness and increase results.

Each team would get a 5percent commission on every account secured.

 For Funke, her team was the best in the world. They worked round the clock and did not relent; they kept making calls, visiting clients, and went beyond the norm in ensuring client satisfaction.  Her team just brought in 200,000,000 Naira equivalent to the sum of 480,000 dollars.

The contract was signed by May and Bruther a pharmaceutical company she had been chasing for a while.

The night before

Her team members were ecstatic. They wanted to go on a spending spree. However, she knew better.

10,000,000 Naira was a lot of money if rightly invested. She wanted better for her teammates. Wanted them to save enough to someday buy houses in highbrow areas, wanted their kids to go to the best schools, she needed to somehow get their mind off blowing money away just to feel good.

Funke taught about how much the money would yield if invested in a high-interest mutual fund, stocks, bonds, treasury bills or invested in other profitable ventures.

  As a team leader, she needed to solicit their support. she would do that by asking them critical questions in a manner that would help them think rightly. she had decided to bond with the most difficult members of the team by agreeing to go to the nightclub.

she wanted her colleagues to know they could count on her.

The big decision  

Was financial freedom a goal for any of them?

What would happen if anyone suddenly lost his or her job? Did they even have enough to feed their family for a year if that situation occurred?

These guys needed a lesson in smart money goals but Funke knew she wouldn’t get their attention by imposing her will or authoritatively deciding what should be done with the money

She needed to get their attention, and the best way to do that was to make them see that she was on their side. There was slang for that; Funke scratched her head as she tried to remember it. Her face lit up as she remembered,

“My personal purzzun” a phrase used to describe someone who supported a friend wholeheartedly. To win this war she needed to get a total consensus.

She needed to be the leader Dr. Yetunde Anibaba talked about in the ABP classes


 Oh, how fondly she remembered her Emba classes at LBS.

The class practicals were good; At one time, she was given the role of vice president. Her task:

 Ensuring her teammates were productive at meetings, ensuring that the team understood each other and could strip away problems, or situational challenges from personality bias.

She would need to deploy all her knowledge about people relationships and management in this particular situation or else she would be a colossal failure.

Written by oluwakemi arewa
Oluwakemi is a seasoned brand communicator, strategist, and consultant whose major goal is to take branded products to their next level by using her timeless valued skills, network, and proven resources. A graduate of the Nigerian Institute of journalism She had her OND and HND in mass communication followed by a Post Graduate Degree in public relations and advertising being an ardent lover of knowledge she went further to acquire certificates in courses like film and photography, media ethics and management, brand communication, advertising, leadership management as well as customer relations Her list of the satisfied clientele can be found in almost every commercial sector including Hospitality, Real estate, Gaming, Politics, Non-governmental and profit organisations, Entertainment, Food industries, Oluwakemis greatest joy is adding value to individual brands and organisations with result-oriented brand approaches that generate a top of the mind awareness, brand retention, lead generation, and high-end revenue for products and brands. some of the companies she has worked for include Adron Homes, Africa’s young entrepreneurs, Otakada, Bet9ja, Black Carpet Media, Green page media, EXP, Baits cosse, LWT, Lowe Lintas, Rosabelle, Television Continental, Radio continental, and many more others. Profile


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