Dear MBA 19

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Dear MBA 19,

The family that I’ve known for the past 18 months

Time indeed flies. When did we complete brush-up?

It did not dawn on me, that today was this close.

It really just hit me that we might not have the chance to be in the same zoom session or classroom again for a really long time.

I’ll miss you all already 😔. So badly.

I’ll miss our class-induced WhatsApp chatters I’ll miss the laughter.

I’ll miss the hilarious reasons we cooked to push deadlines 😁.

I’ll even miss our fights that always had a new thing to learn. Just yesterday I learned that Shikena is a synonym for “period”. And that “Autobiography” is not the title of a pending assignment as I’d assumed. It’s actually a place a meet and chill ☺️

We’re taking different steps from here. And we remain family 💙

I hope that we move on to build the lives that inspire us. That we have the courage to create the experiences and lives that we’ll love.

It’s been a real blessing to go through this phase of life with the most amazing people around.

Best wishes friends. A brighter tomorrow awaits us.

Some hard national, regional and global problems await us too. May we find the courage to face them with humanity, integrity and full commitment.

As we navigate life, and the beauty and chaos that come with it. May we not trade our identity. May we always remember the strength of authenticity, the triumph of truth and the value of an enduring legacy.

May we create the Nigeria, Cameroon and Africa that we can proudly hand to our children.

As heavy as the responsibility sounds, so is the privilege we have had to live at a time like this, to acquire this quality of education and to be talented.

In the words of Fred Swaniker, “

All of us who are privileged enough to be healthy, to be alive, to have education and to have influence, our role is not to do small things and to solve small problems. The only way that we can justify privilege is by solving the world’s biggest problems, and by doing hard things.”

I miss you already ❤️.

Best Wishes.

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