My Intensive Week Experience Ep 3

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Continuation of my intensive week experience.

In the last episode, I ended with how my presentation went. This is the concluding part.

As I started to speak, my voice was shaking terribly, I was trying to stabilize to pull myself together, but seemed as I continue to get comfortable, I was becoming more nervous. Words were refusing to come out and I suddenly regained myself. Matched my experience and the industry I had chosen before, was able to sell my idea but the time was not enough again. Recall I initially said we had just one minute to present. as the bell rang for time up, went back to my seat.

I got good and not-so-good feedback and for me feedback is key. The presentation was just an ordinary task, it was a task I was very much interested in and will want to improve on.

Moving on to Data Analysis. For this subject, nothing much really happened but a key takeaway for me was that I was flowing with the faculty’s teaching in class rather than online. I had attempted all the class exercises he gave and this happened because I was in class.

Data Analysis in an area of interest for me and it is beyond passing the course. I will like to move into data analysis someday and be crunching data, building models, and so on.

Dr. Bongo is one of the most talented teachers in LBS. his style of teaching will ensure that everyone is carried along on the subject.

And then comes the introduction of a new accounting faculty, Dr. Chiemeke. When we heard that Prof. Akintola who had been taking us accounting will no longer take the remaining part of the course and it will be another teacher, we all thought about how this will happen, but the introduction of Dr. Chiemeka will not allow one miss Prof. Akintola.

His sense of humor is completely out of this world and the humor is integrated into his teaching such that you are looking forward to his class.

I must give it to LBS. they sure know how to get their lecturers.

To call all the tension and hard work of the week, the EMBA27 social team organized an outing after the Friday class. The outing was aimed at bonding, physically celebrating March birthday celebrants, and unwinding of the intensive week.

I will say the aim was achieved. The event happened at a place called Kingfisher in Lekki phase 1, Lagos. A little distance from the school between 6 pm and 10 pm. There was a lot to eat and drink.

I ordered a chocolate milkshake, and it was completely awesome. Before I got to the venue, some of the class executives that got there ordered food trays to go around everyone. I was then asked to order a personal choice of food. As I wat from the existing food tray, I was full and by the time my food was ready, I had to ask for it to be packed. Though my food came after everyone had left like over 2hours after I ordered it, that was not going to affect how much I enjoyed the outing and the company of everyone.

Thank you for taking out time to read my 2 episodes story.

Until next time, my name still remains Maimuna and I will see you in my next blog post.

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