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compared to the immersing experience I have encountered in list 3 months of my first semester with LBS. Dont get me wrong, I do not consider myself to be intellectually lazy or anything, this is just a lot of information to process.

The topic of this post directly relates to a recent epiphany I had while looking through my management communication course. Although we are doing 4 courses in total, namely:

  1. Corporate financial accounting
  2. Analysing business problems
  3. Management communication
  4. Data analytics

I just realised that I have been missing the point do an MBA. These courses although different in their approach are all intended to teach you about how to be better business managers. They all intersect at various points and ultimately converge to teach you to make informed business decisions. It also tells you how to relay this information (MC) to your intended audience. So we check the financials (CFA) and manipulate other static and dynamic data (DA) to inform our decision (ABP).

This realization has not only made me appreciate the #EMBA27 better but makes me enjoy every lecture, looking at each part as a bit of the whole. I am more confident that by the end of this program, I will be better equipped to franchise my business and run my company smoother. Although not late, I hoped I had this realization earlier.

So my advice to all of you that are stuck with trying to decide what next to do in your lives and careers, do not be afraid to take that leap. The experience of an MBA in Lagos Business School will help answer troubling questions and give you the skills required to make an informed decision. While you are here, forget all you have known about regular schooling, you are here to get 1 degree in business, and every course is programmed to take you one step closer to being the best version of yourself.

Well, enough with the ranting. I will leave you here wire on of my usual saying, this one is actually the trials of the book as well as an expression inside of it.

Ego is the enemy’ – By Ryan Holiday.

Stay meek, stay fluid and ready to adapt to the changes life throws at you. At the end, we will all be alright.

Signed: The Prince or Business

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