Learning New Skills

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Learning New Skills

Learning new skills can sometimes be interesting and challenging. Someone could ask, what time do I have to learn new skills? There are challenges at the workplace and family responsibilities take much time that I often retired to bed worn out. The traffic situation in Lagos is so terrific, making it difficult to even read a book while commuting from work. We often forget to ask further, what happens when I am outdated in my role? Why is it difficult for me to prioritize learning new skills to develop my capacity and add more value to my organization? This cannot be for lack of money in this era of digitalization with free courses online. The benefits of learning new skills or enrolling in a course to help sharpen the mind cannot be over-emphasized. I am excited I enrolled for my EMBA at Lagos Business School to learn new skills.

Excuses Are Not For Champions

Everyone could fabricate an excuse for not doing one thing or the other, but excuses are not for the champions. To be successful in life, there is a need to learn something new. Many successful people of our times are known to be addicted to reading at least a book per week. I agree that some individuals would find it hard to learn new skills because of the distractions they have created. Many youths of our times are distracted by and addicted to social media, video games, seasonal movies, etc. Most people that have made an impact in the world were intentional in their pursuit. They sacrificed to learn something new that others did not consider essential. My decision to enroll for an executive EMBA in LBS is surely pointing in the right direction despite all inconveniences.

Act Today

It is common for people to procrastinate. The time to make that decision to ask your spouse to enroll in a new course is now. Today is a good day to challenge that child to enroll in that competition he or she has been afraid of. It is never late to go back to the classroom and learn something new. Sometimes I wondered, why is LBS taking us to learn something we already learned when we were in elementary class? Now I know, the facilitators are trying to solidify our foundation. Every day I learn new things either in class or during our group discussions. I believe I am becoming a better version of myself; I can understand many employers attach more value to business school graduals.

Short and Long Term Goals

Make a list of new skills you need to achieve your short and long-term goals. Allocate a time when an action must be triggered and follow it. Do not give room for any excuses. there were many reasons why I should not have enrolled for my executive MBA. I could complain about the increased workload at my workplace as well as the high cost of the program. In 2019, I decided to join the EMBA class of 2020, but the pandemic disrupted the plan and LBS refunded my deposit. I never gave up, I registered again and even wanted to opt-out when the pressure was much. I am continuing with the program, accepting the challenges and the benefits that would follow my perseverance if I do not quite.  Surely, it pays to learn new skills.


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