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Stargazing eases our minds and rejuvenates our spirits, and research has shown that it makes us more compassionate toward others. If you find yourself searching for peace, calm, and a sense of purpose during this period of immense chaos, you’re not alone.

It allows us to become well acquainted with the positions and sights of the night sky. We view the sky from the Earth, a moving platform that is always changing our specific view. The motion of the Earth around the Sun brings a changing night sky with the passing of the seasons

Does anyone else like to stargaze and wonder what is it like looking down on where we are?
Maybe someday I will be out there and not feel so small down here. I always ask myself; why am I here though? Guess I didn’t have a choice when I was created.
Nobody can understand what cannot be understood. I often wonder what it all means, life, and other times I just accept it and think of how to make my lifetime fantastic!

As I took a bike ride home much earlier I wondered for the millionth time and asked myself “why are we bound here?” “Why are we are born just to die?” The subject of life and death was so confusing each time I tried to make up with my limited wisdom.
I realized that there was more to it than education, money, fame, or accomplishment… Time will never stop, the seasons will never cease. Darkness and light will always kiss the Earth. The only thing that will change is the generations of its people. Time waits for no man! The only time we have is now and if you don’t do what you have to do now you’ll have a lot to make up with less time or in no time that opportunity will be gone so doing things in the NOW is the best strategy at managing the small life TIME we all have.

Life is timeless and will continue to exist thousands of years after we are gone. “Bamidele, the more you know the more you realize you don’t know” “but come to think of it, all men of old were once lost just as we are”. “Sometimes I just want to quit and live a simple life” were Jude’s words. They were a reminder that I too was not alone, I understood deep down that there was a PURPOSE for everyone and everything. Especially I and I still cannot stand the thought of being or dying ‘ordinary’. Several times I drowned myself in deep thoughts and had tried to stay afloat often with a drug, it did give me a temporary feeling of relief but it wasn’t what I needed. Frank’s words were clear now, “it is like a cycle” what is happening now has happened before and will still happen again.

I often felt frustrated knowing I didn’t know much and my knowledge was restricted to what seemed and not what really is. I didn’t feel free because my mind wasn’t. This time I’m setting my mind FREE

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