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“When mutual respect and understanding are present, the spirit of synergy inevitably starts to develop”.

Stephen R Covey.

It was the second week of brush-up classes, we had just started to get used to each other’s faces on zoom.

Since the facilitators encouraged class participation, it wasn’t hard to get familiar with voices and faces.

A week before, Gabriella the program manager had hinted that we were going to be divided into groups. On the said date she informed everyone to check their mails.

The groups were crucial for a whole lot of reasons with the aim of aiding:

bonding shared values, teamwork, and excellence.

 It would be the only platform through which 50 percent of all class assignments would be submitted.

The group would make important decisions as to what, how, and why in terms of implementing and executing projects, in addition to solving case study problems.

 Give the respect you want to receive; embody the grace you hope to encounter; and help others with no expectations whatsoever. By mutual respect, understanding and with good will we can find acceptable solutions to any problems which exist or may arise between us.

Dwight D Eisenhower.


When I saw the list of names I shuddered, I instinctively knew I had been put in a room with greatness. I called out the names one after each other and internally screamed for joy.

 I never knew any of the group members intimately in fact for many of them we had never really had any meaningful conversation before.

I noticed that everyone had mutual respect for each other during meetings, no one cuts another off when talking, everyone’s opinion was held in high esteem. Whenever anyone in the group did not understand a point, someone else took the pains to explain carefully. my new friends were serious-minded, paid great attention to details, and always found joy working together.


In the first month of group discussions, I found myself soaking up on the brilliance, and dexterity of everyone.

Did we argue?

Arghhh!!! many a time.

Do we disagree?

A million times over,

but it’s always done respectfully.


As I increasingly studied members of my group taking into cognizance their strengths I realized that nothing was ordinary.

I am a firm believer in destiny; I have never been one for chance or coincidence. The connection, respect, and coordination amongst my teammates is amazing but I understand that destiny has a hand in all of it.

Respect is earned.

Honesty is appreciated.

Trust is gained

And; loyalty returned


In the past two months, I have grown with these guys. They have challenged my thinking patterns, inspired me to do better, spurred me on, and critiqued my work with love.

I could never have asked for a better group

To Ikeena, Tolulope, Brown, Damilola, Jason, Temitope, Tosin, Seun, Peters, and  Adeyemi

You are my amazon.


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