NATO and No-Fly Zone in Ukraine

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No-Fly-Zone in Ukraine
NATO and No-Fly Zone

NATO and No-Fly Zone

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is an alliance of 30 countries in Europe and North America. NATO’s objective is “to guarantee the freedom and security of its members through political and military means”. Though Ukraine is not a member of NATO and as such is not under obligation to declare a no-fly zone. However, NATO had previously declared a no-fly zone over non-member countries; Libya in 2011 and Bosnia from April 1993 to December 1995. Why is NATO rejecting declaring a no-fly zone over Ukraine? What difference does it make, if Russia threatened Poland, A NATO member, and NATO intervene with all the risks involved? Are Polis’ lives and Libyans more precious than that of Ukrainians? Absolutely, not! So, how long would NATO wait before declaring a no-fly zone in Ukraine to restrict Russian from causing more tragedy?

The Implications of a No-Fly Zone in Ukraine

NATO understands Russia is not Libya nor Bosnia. This is a nuclear-empowered nation that sees Ukraine learning towards joining NATO as a threat to Russian national security. A NATO-imposed no-fly zone would drag NATO into confrontation with Russia with its devastating effects because NATO would have to positioned fighter jets to protect the Ukrainian airspace and this would escalate the war. Any attempt by NATO to bring down a Russian fighter jet would be considered an act of war by Russia, and the 3rd world war would be imminent. A miscalculation by either party could lead to the 3rd world war. This is the reason the U.S and European leaders is currently avoiding being dragged beyond imposing sanctions on Russia and its oligarchy. The Ukrainian President Zelenskyy continues to convince world leaders to impose a no-fly zone in Ukraine.

President Vladimir Putin and the War Crime

The ceasefire has not been respected, civilians and children are being killed by Russian military jets as hospitals are bombarded. The U.S intelligence reported the fear of Russia using nuclear weapons in Ukraine while the Congress has unanimously passed resolution to probe Putin for a war crime. How would all this end for Putin and its generals? Captured why in power or when he leaves in his 90s? Though he is charged to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and sentenced to life in prison, would that redeem the current damage? Why are China and India so quiet and neutral as if they have both relocated to space? These two nations could end the war by calling Putin to stop the aggression. Indian imports 80% of Russia’s oil. While Russia’s economy is being crippled with sanctions, India’s would also suffer. It is time to end the war!

IT Is Time to End the War, Mr. President!

It is time to end this brutality, President Vladimir Putin. You can resolve all your security concerns through diplomacy. There is no need to shed more blood again in Ukraine. Any continued aggression could lead to a miscalculation that would force NATO to turn Crimea into a dead zone.  Mr. President, how safe are you even when you are the first to press the nuclear button? I am afraid, China could provide resources but would not want to face the wrought of NATO due to your recklessness. Please end the war, Mr. President.

The good people of Russian should not be deterred by the arrest of the good-hearted protesters across Moscow. Your continuous protest can end this widely-falsified-propaganda in Russia about the so-called special military mission in Ukraine. It is a bloody mission where your Ukrainian neighbors are being slaughtered right in their rooms including children and women.

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