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The D-Day had arrived, it was a week a lot of us were looking forward to as we were all expected to come to class and this was our first intensive week. I woke up as early 5:30am  as to meet up with the usual Lagos morning rush where the vehicular traffic can be overwhelming. Three hours after I had left my home I was still in traffic. It was obvious I could not meet up with the first session of the day which was Data Analytics. So I joined the class online, the lecturer Dr. Bongo commenced the class at exactly 9 am. He started by sharing his slides which were more or less like a recap of everything he had been teaching us.

I recall someone asking Dr. Bongo for clarity on a particular point he was explaining and he reiterated that he would recommend that we all come to class as it enables us to fully participate in his class. He went further to state that one of the benefits of the MBA program was networking and joining online was not going to help us and urge everyone to come to class. He also stated that some international business schools like Harvard Business school had resumed full time in class citing that without coming to class we cannot fully leverage the benefits that come with joining the MBA program.

He projected his slides and started to explain random variables which he described as a  numerical description of the outcome of an experiment. This was also sub-divided into two which are discrete and continuous random variables. He expatiated further on the details. He had to apologize that he had to leave the class early because there was a mistake in the scheduling of the class he had with us and another class. This marked the end of the first session. It was at this point I arrived on campus having spent the first session online.

According to the timetable we were expected to have one hour with our group members, I found this refreshing as we were able to review our group assignment and discuss some challenges that some of us may have. After we were done with the group meeting we returned to class for the continuation of the Data Analytics course. The lecturer asked that we launched the Microsoft excel software on our laptops to practicalize some of the concepts that he had taught us. He explained how to get the variance and Standard deviation of a discrete random variable using excel. It was really interesting. A the end of the class he sent the slides.

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