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After seven weeks, EMBA 27 now has an elected executive council, and I believe the Independent National Electoral Commission can learn a few lessons from the process. Our politicians too can learn from the manner the candidates projected themselves. But the way and manner through which the candidates emerged was exciting as it was spontaneous.

Had Olurogba Orimalade, a former EMBA 27 classmate, not deferred his admission, he probably would have emerged as the class governor. Being an LBS alumni and cohort of an earlier LBS programme, he served as a de facto EMBA 27 advisor through his nuggets on expectations around how things work at LBS, the institution’s culture and how it jealously guards its reputation amongst other pieces of advice. This endeared him to a lot of classmates who literally foisted the class governorship position on him. He tried to protest but many classmates would not bulge on his choice and continued to egg him on. He had no choice but to accept. He however had to leave to take up a political position.

It appeared Olusola Akinmoladun, another former cohort, was destined to fill in the shoes which were almost worn by Olurogba Orimalade. He was one of the more visible classmates and his mien appeared to match the characteristics some EMBA 27 cohorts identified as traits of a leader. Unlike Olurogba, he did not protest his potential nomination when the idea was openly mooted by some classmates. His body language indicated he was ready to take up the mantle of EMBA 27 leadership. He too however had to defer his admission for personal reasons.

The next obvious preference following Olusola’s exit was Ejiro Udu who through her interactions, outspokenness and ability to rally many EMBA 27 students, amongst other qualities, endeared her to many classmates. The class governorship was hers for the taking, literally. She however chose not to take up the role, citing the rigours of the position and a possible clash with some other commitments.

The emergence of Peters Awomolo as the EMBA 27 class governor was reminiscent of Barack Obama’s emergence as the first black American president. It has often been said that the speech that Obama made at the 2004 DNC convention drew him to the limelight and paved the way for his eventual emergence as the 44th president of the United States of America.

Peter Awomolo’s ascension to the EMBA 27 Class Governor position followed a similar path.

In his case, he was called to make a class presentation he was not adequately prepared for. As he took the class through the presentation, many gaps were visible. Another teammate had to be called on to do justice to the presentation. But what Peters lacked in the technical details of the presentation, he made up for in his oratory. His gift of the garb was not lost on everyone. It was perhaps on this basis that some classmates approached him to vie for the position of Class governor. It was also perhaps by providence that he was adorned in an attire, similar to a style made popular by Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, Nigeria’s Vice President.

Tolulope Adigun initially agreed to oversee the electoral process that would usher in the new executives. Her acceptance to serve as the electoral officer precluded her from contesting for any position. While going about her duties, she was urged to vie for the deputy governorship position and vacate her electoral officer role, a challenge she accepted. She was successful in her bid and was elected the EMBA 27 Deputy Governor.

Other members of the Executive Council are Oluwatosin Ayokunle-Olubunmi who emerged as the Financial Secretary and Corelius Obi, the Social Secretary. Coincidentally, Peters, Tolulope and Oluwatosin are members of my group, Group 2. We joked that had Oluwakemi Arewa, another popular Group 2 member, offered herself for the Social Secretary position, perhaps all council members would be Group 2 members.

As an aside, I have arrogated the role of Chief of Staff to myself, and the Governor has accepted. We shall be making announcements about cabinet roles to fill and the appointments of Special Advisers, Senior Special Assistants, Commissioners and the like. I am now close to power and I intend to utilize it lol!

Kudos to Ete Grant, the electoral officer. I am sure the electoral body will organise a ceremony where the Certificate of Return will be issued to all elected members.

A big congratulations to the newly elected executive council.

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