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#BreaktheBias – International Women’s Day (IWD 2022)

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March 2022, I can not believe it’s already the third month, end of the first quarter in 2022 and International Women’s Day is here. This is also my birthday month. The IWD theme this year is #BreaktheBias. Women have faced and continue to face so many biases . This year, I encourage you to challenge the status quo, call out a bias or an inequality. Have you at any time had to do any of these? If you have, please share with me how, why and when you were able to “break the bias”!!! And while you are at it, let me know what you think of my blog.

International Women’s Day

Celebrated every 8th of March by women all over the world, the IWD is a day to celebrate women and our achievements in every sphere. 

  • Have you taken the IWD challenge for 2022 yet? If you haven’t, it’s not too late to join other women around the world here.
  • Need to know a little bit more about the history of the IWD? This link right here will tell you all you need to know.
  • Guys, are you thinking, “Why is it always about the women”? Well, I will generously share that there is also an International Men’s Day. Yes, you read right. Read more here
  • You can celebrate IWD with your virtual team and celebrate that special woman in your life. See ideas here.
  • You can celebrate IWD with your virtual team and celebrate that special woman in your life. See ideas here

The Unconventional Interview

Ever wondered how you can challenge the norm and change the narrative on gender issues? I am curious too. This blog will feature Interview Series of exceptional women in society. We will kick-off with our very own Ngozi Okonji-Iweala (NOI). Listen here.

Zen Moment

As MBA students, balance is important to ensure optimal delivery. To get ahead in life, you don’t need to hold every other part of life constant. We all know that Wahala and Lagos living is like 5&6.  While some courses are more demanding that others, the overall requirement of an EMBA program can be intense. Finding your Zen would help in maintaining balance.

  • Wondering if there’s any thing like work-life balance during an EMBA program? See here lessons from 7 students on how to maintain the balance.
  • This article on mindfulness will help in having hard conversations.
  • During this MBA program, you’ll sit for more hours. It is important to work in an ergonomically safe environment. To learn about ergonomics for students, see here
  • How can your home provide the Zen you need? Find out here
  • Need tips for chilling out that don’t cost a thing? This article is for you.

Ergonomics and Wellness

Self-awareness is important to high productivity. Figure out your most productive time. Are you a morning person or a night-owl? In your calendar, block out the time to do some work. I have to balance 7-4 work demands, family and the EMBA program. I am most productive in the mornings, so I fit in my extra work in the morning hours and make family time in the evening.


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