The Big Picture

Peters Olaoluwa Awomolo Written by Peters Olaoluwa Awomolo · 1 min read >

Our world appears to be moving so fast lately. It moves so fast that just this last hour has soon gone stale. So fast that if care is not taken it does not allow you ponder or appreciate ‘this moment’’, and just before you open your eyes, it is gone. The chances are very much that people can easily miss out on things and stuffs because before it landed it is gone. The style is outdated, another version is released, the job role has changed, a announcement is made, for all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withers and the flower thereof falls away; but the Word of the Lord endureth forever. (I Peter 1:24-25).

Because of is transient and fleeting nature, there is a very high tendencies to miss it, to not know the purpose, to be beclouded and be trapped by the echoes, to miss its theme, to dance off its beat and to be completely blind to its purpose. To live in its assumption and totally miss the goal.

This happened to Vashti, the queen of Ahasuerus, king of Persia. The fleeting glory and splendour beclouded her. She missed it, and costly so. She missed what was not contended with her, she didn’t see it! Her essence was to be at the glorious service of the king, but she refuted. She just didn’t get it. She thought it was all about her, what she had, which was bestowed upon her by virtue of the king. Its evil for a man not to see the big picture, so much evil to be precoccupied by the imeedaite, not to see the weightier glory. When the consequence come, people will not be able to provide an answer, they would keep guessing. What befell on her? What was she thinking? She missed it! The fleeting gaze beclouded her. Many times, when they tell you what they saw, you will be embarrassed to ask, but who showed you that? That was corrupted! That was not what God desired to show you! Where did you see that from! No this is far from the purpose.

It happened to one of the thieves hung on the cross with Christ. In that passing moment of glory, in that eternity defining moments, at the hour that heavens were ready to raise many sons to glory by taking out of the way, that which was against them, nailing it to the cross; purpose delivered in hours, as planed from eternity pass, this young man did not see it. Rather, he was consumed with disdain and scorn, he was bitterly offended at the hour that was given to him for his glory, although exhausted in the flesh by justice, mercy came to him on the cross but he did not see it. I wish I could mention names of men who saw the pig pictures in their journey, but my time is up. Nevertheless my prayers are still on, that your name will be one.

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