My Journey to Lagos Business School #EMBA27.

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I knew I had to get an MBA sometime in my career. For multiple reasons, this was a given. My challenge had been where, when, and most importantly, how to get the MBA learnings for myself. Finding time for the program was the major constraint.

I was successful in my role in my company. I could humbly state that I had made some positive impact in the various companies I had worked with in the past and was pivotal to the growth initiatives within my current organization. I was also a budding entrepreneur in addition to offering advisory services to some Pharma/Health start-ups.

On top of all these, I was a husband and father with kids who practically always demanded all my full attention whenever they lay their hands or eyes on me. There was very little time left in between all these to devote to a master’ program

In selecting a school for the MBA, I to find the one that would offer the best learning and the best opportunities afterward. However, I knew I had to still juggle all my ongoing work activities and still find adequate time to immerse myself fully in the program.

Ultimately, I settled for Lagos Business School, Executive MBA program after considering all the available options.

With that, I started my journey into getting a place in that prestigious school.

The Entrance Examinations

I was aware there were entrance examinations to be taken and had prepared for these sessions diligently. I felt stretched whilst studying as it had been a while since I was involved in any pure academic reading for test purposes or taken some timed academic examinations. It took a couple of sleepless nights, browsing through websites and reaching out to some of my English grammar and mathematics books to prepare for the session on the set date.

Still, I must say it was quite a tough examination at the end of the day: multiple questions involving lots of reasoning, grammar corrections, and critical reasoning were on the sheets.

The long learning nights eventually paid off and I passed the entrance examination. My advice to anyone preparing to take the LBS MBA admission examination would be to prepare well and not to take any selected test area for granted during preparation work.

Fortunately for me, I was on my way to the next phase of the admission process.

The Interview Session

The interview was the final step in candidate selection. I was interviewed by 3 panelists via Zoom virtual call on that day.  Several questions were asked covering areas like why I wanted to attend LBS for my MBA, current affairs, my leadership style, and my career experience. The question that startled me a bit was the one around the world’s current economic affairs. Specifically, I was asked to talk about the most current trend in the global economy. I asked for some clarifications in a bid to gather my thoughts together. Then I delved into the topic of the global shortage of ‘chips and ships’, and how they impacted all industries utilizing IT chips in their devices and the overall global logistics industry.

I believe the interview turned out well as some weeks later, I go the admission letter to the prestigious Executive MBA at the Lagos Business School, Class 27.

How It Has Been Going

Lectures have begun, cases are being studied, class assignments are being done within the teams, and lots of learnings are ongoing. I am still on the journey with more months to go. However, looking back at the events of my first 2 months in LBS, I believe the journey ahead is only going to get more exciting from here. My seat belt is buckled, and I am ready for the ride.

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