My Netfilx’s and Instagram Accounts Were Hacked

Chiedu Ada Usifo Written by Chiedu Ada Usifo · 56 sec read >

3 years ago my Netflix account was hacked. The ability to edit my Netflix account information was disabled. The Hacker changed my email address but left my credit card details. The IP address of the hacker was in Egypt and my Netflix region was changed to Spain.

Who hack’s a Netflix’s account and why? I have heard of people’s Facebook and Instagram account’s being hacked but never a Netflix account? I immediately reported the incident to the Netflix Support Team and they did nothing. Not even acknowledgement email. Well, since I could not opt out of Netflix, thanks to the Hacker, I had my bank block my credit card.

2 years later, after being inactive on Instagram for several months, I get a pop up message that my Instagram account never existed. Just like I did in the Netflix situation, I sent an email to the Instagram support Team and they responded. I was instructed to send my picture, holding up a sheet of paper with my Instagram Handle and the OTP code they sent to my email clearly written on it. I did as they instructed, but to date, no response from the Support Team was received and my Instagram was not retrieved.

I had to open a new Netflix account and new Instagram account after my old accounts were hacked. It is a shame that these 2 international brands displayed such poor customer service. If their services were not important to today’s world, I would not have opened new accounts. I certainly hope they improve their customer relations and make their platforms less prone to hacks.


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