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I started an Executive MBA (EMBA) program at Lagos Business School (LBS) earlier this year (January 2022) with the mindset that it would be like any other distance learning program, since the lectures are mostly on Fridays and Saturdays.

Nevertheless, the workload is more intensive than the normal full-time program at any regular university. The assignments keep flying in like Russian missiles into Ukraine.

Every lecturer reels out his or her assignments as though the course is the only course a student needs to complete.

Honestly, I have hardly gotten six hours of sleep in a day since the commencement of my EMBA program.

The lecturers in LBS seem to have a different perception of teaching when compared to most of their counterparts in public universities.

In LBS, the lecturers want you to learn and be better. They take time to teach the basics, until everyone understands. However, most of their colleagues in public universities lecture do not take time to pass the information they have.

I am still trying to understand if this is the culture in LBS or the result of adequate remuneration. Time will reveal the reason for LBS’s excellent teaching culture.

The hybrid learning structure, where classes are delivered both online and physically, is a wonderful addition and a welcomed development because many students are not Lagos residents. Therefore, this flexible learning arrangement helps to ensure that no student, misses any of the classes.

In addition, I have been privileged to meet wonderful and brilliant classmates from all walks of life, from whom I learn every day. Our classes are usually characterised by the type of seriousness I see only in law courts because everyone is looking out for an opportunity to “participate.”

We were told during our orientation that class participation carries thirty percent of the total course work, so class participation has become the survival of the fittest in EMBA 27.

Everyone tries to throw in something during the class by raising hands, speaking, and chatting, no matter how irrelevant the contribution may be.

Sincerely, I am not condemning anyone, because we need any mark we can get to stay above the water.

According to Porter Gale, “your network is your net worth”.

Remarkably, LBS has made networking an integral part of the EMBA program, as different opportunities are created to enable students to build networks.

I had my first experience during the orientation period, when my class-EMBA 27 was made to meet and interact with our counterparts in MMBA 10.

It was an awesome experience because we had meaningful interactions with them about their experiences in LBS, and they were open to guiding us on the best strategy to deploy for a successful performance in LBS.

We exchanged business cards and talked about our private lives, jobs, and businesses. Thanks to LBS,

From my point of view, LBS is strategic about networking and preparing its graduates for the future. Having a career and placement department demonstrates how intentional and strategic the school is regarding the quality of their graduates.

The department just concluded the first inter-cohort team bonding event, and it was a glorious event. It created an opportunity to meet people with better ideas on how to better manage one’s aspirations after LBS.

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