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Coming to LBS has been a great experience for me. In barely two months, I have learned not to take issues at their face value, but to critically consider issues with available data before making any decisions.

Furthermore, I have come to understand that thinking is an important act that is learned, and the better you are at it, the better your decisions will be. I have never bordered on how I think all my life, but LBS has convinced me that I can think better.

Thinking without bias when analyzing business problems and making decisions based on available data are remarkable qualities I have learned during my brief time at the LBS.

To me, it is obvious that analyzing any business requires an explicit definition of the objectives of the business owners and managers. This means clearly defining the goal or what they intend to achieve by resolving the problem.

As a business owner and an entrepreneur, I enjoy analyzing and solving business problems, because I can easily relate to the presented business challenges.

Moreover, it usually presents an opportunity to learn from other businesses.

Another important area that I am very much aware that I have gaps to close is my negotiation skills.

I am currently working on an assignment that will help me improve my negotiation skills. I have learnt that it is always better to start a negotiation by showing empathy, putting yourself in the shoes of the other party, and trying to understand their challenges.

Furthermore, you also use the same opportunity to enlighten them on the difficulties you are going through.

With these, it is expected that the negotiation will be smooth and fruitful.

If negotiations are adequately managed, there will be no room for confrontation, and the parties will come out of it with good results.

An additional eye-opener for me is that, contrary to my belief that I understand Microsoft Excel, having used it for over twenty years now, my participation in a few of the data analytics classes has shown me that I know little or nothing about the different functions of Microsoft Excel. However, as I said earlier, I am prepared to get as much as possible from this EMBA program.

It is noteworthy that the LBS eLearning platform is the only platform I have used in recent years where a password reset is performed every time you want to log in.

The platform seems to only recognize passwords that have been changed within a short time frame. The platform does not recognize saved passwords unless you perform a password reset.

Whoever is managing it should try and resolve this anomaly, even if it requires vendor support, because it does not reflect the excellence that LBS is known for.

Being a part of EMBA27 in LBS is a fantastic adventure, and I’ve resolved to get the most out of this demanding but fascinating experience.

So far, it has been a happy journey that I am delighted to embark on, and by God’s grace, I will complete it successfully.

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