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The team activity is another wonderful aspect of the program that has helped me to work better with other students from different walks of life and backgrounds.

I have learned the importance of listening to others, and talking when necessary and appropriate.

The team activities have also taught me the importance of collaboration and delegation in the achievement of a team’s goals.

I was part of a team to complete an ABP assignment. The team worked for several days to complete this assignment. Nevertheless, a member of the team, who apparently was not satisfied with what was done as a team went ahead to prepare a separate work.

On the day the assignment was to be presented, she went ahead and submitted her private work, which she posted about five minutes before the presentation on the teams WhatsApp group.

After presenting the work, it was very difficult for any member of the team to answer questions that followed, including the person that produced the work.

The lesson here is that a single tree cannot create a forest. Moreover, it is important to be a good team player because a team is as good as its weakest link.

One of my major desires for coming to LBS is to learn how to access and analyze companies, so that I am able to correctly ascertain their true values. This, I believe, will help me adequately value companies for acquisition and mergers.

Interestingly, I am beginning to understand financial statements, and I hope to acquire better skills in the reading and preparation of financial statements.

In addition, I have seen that most companies are not as good and profitable as they appear, because of the manipulation of information by these firms.

Therefore, it is important to always look critically at the data from companies, before making decisions about them.

The CFA course has opened my eyes to the shady activities of some company owners and managers who falsify the firms’ information in a bid to deceive shareholders, investors, and the public.

One major lesson for me as a business owner is that there is nothing hidden under the sun. Businesses may deceive the public with falsified information, but surely the truth will be made public over time.

Therefore, I have decided to make ethical practices one of my key values in business.

The opportunity to join two clubs of interest in LBS is another fascinating thing about the EMBA program.

It gives its members the chance to meet and interact with more experienced professionals. Besides, the clubs organize events and learning programs to help their members improve in their areas of interest.

Most of the time, the club activities impact positively on the members’ academic performance. For instance, the Data Analytics Club teaches its members every Sunday, and that goes a long way towards helping them cope better in class.

Additionally, I am a member of the Entrepreneurship Club, and we hold our weekly meeting every Sunday. In one of the meetings, we were taught how to raise funds for our businesses.

The club’s president concluded the meeting with a statement: “Don’t let your idea die because of money.”

This sort of opportunity is not common. As a result, I am overjoyed with my decision to pursue an EMBA in LBS.

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