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I never thought for any reason that someday I would be writing to save my grades and at the same time be compelled to enjoy it. For me, writing is not a leisurely task or a hobby, it is a difficult task of epic proportions.

I probably would never have been able to come up with anything to put down seeing that the only place I feel comfortable is with grease and grime in my hand (might sound strange) but yes, different things work for different people.

I have always enjoyed doing what I do but I needed another dimension to it, something different, some sort of challenge to help change the usual narrative. A thing that will distinguish me from the collective crowd of brilliant “grime lovers”, perhaps one could say I hoped to become “THE CLASSY GRAND GRIMER”

Proximity was a factor but for me, non-other came close to the prestige LBS offered. It just seemed like destiny.

Sometimes, I wonder why I decided to embark on this LBS journey, was it for grades, no, certificate, no, to get a new job, no (I am quite comfortable where I am). Then what is? One might ask, it was to standout and give myself the opportunity to be outstanding!  

The LBS journey so far has been a mixed feeling, some expectations have been underwhelming, some have been met, others have exceeded what I bargained for. Since we cannot discuss management communications, I would say it has been analysis of business problems. As the name of the course implies, it is a problem in its own way. But let us leave that for later.

So, Day 1, entering the class, one could tell the sense of serenity. A sort of tranquility enveloped the atmosphere, I almost felt a sense of fulfilment. Alas, yes, this was the place be, away from the heat, the noise, the hustle and bustle of the city of Lagos. Fortunately, with all sense of gladness, the facilitators, speakers and even the cleaners were all up to par that day. One could say the treatment was the true definition of a 5star reception in an educational environment.

Learning about Opus Dei, the founding fathers and mother (pun-intended) of LBS was revealing. The fact that we were told that everything works – toilets are cleaned, dryers are working and so much more – by one of the orientators made me make a conscious mind note that I will ensure to check it all out. However, this is also a story for another day.

I have always held the strong impression (just like a lot of others) that one of the greatest benefits of attending LBS was the benefits that came with the network built- Honestly, I was hoping for the vice president to someday visit but that is just a thought- and the alumni did not disappoint. My hopes were becoming reality. I was truly going to become an LBS alumni if I finished the program of course.

The rest of the session was eventful and there seems to be so much to say but for now, I will save the rest for later.


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