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The first weeks were mostly about finding my feet but getting to know my new classmates in a relatively relaxed atmosphere, it was a great way to start building my network! Bearing in that I will never know who might be instrumental to my post-MBA career!

Getting introduced to the class

Meeting the people who will inevitably become my family for the next few months was the start of my MBA life. EMBA 27 participant Gloria Obi said that her excitement increased tenfold when she discovered the diversity around her. She discovered that diversity at Lagos Business School was about more than business and work experience.

Gloria introduced herself as the Generator rental guru, she worked for a generator company for a few years after graduation from the university and decided to build her own business and do her own thing. According to her, it has been an amazing journey and she is in the Lagos Business School Executive MBA program to build business management skills that will enable her to build a successful business.

Obiara Johnson is optimistic about the experience he will get from the Lagos business that will enable him to turn his family business around and become more profitable. He is a United Kingdom-born Nigeria, did elementary, high school, and University first degree in the United Kingdom. Obiara returned to Nigeria to take over the management of his family business. The Executive MBA program is expected to assist him to understand Nigeria and Africa’s business environment.

Dele Timi is a Nigeria that lives and works in Canada. He is currently working to expand his business in Nigeria and Africa. He hopes that the Executive MBA program will assist him to build the right network to strive in business back home.

It was obvious that every participant of the Executive MBA program has joined the EMBA 27 for different reasons, some said they are transiting from a technical to a management role in their career while others are in the process of exiting a paid labor to becoming an entrepreneur. The Dean of the school, Prof Chris Obeche assured every participant that whatever their dream and aspirations are, they are in the right place at the right time.

Preparing for the coming months by building relationships

Orientation week was a time to learn about what the Executive MBA has to offer. There are briefings on the academic program, study missions on offer, extracurricular student clubs, internships, and job search assistance. The session was hybrid, meaning some participants were physical in the class while others joined online. Whether online or physically in the class, it was fun, meeting the school management team and our classmates.

To kick off the year, Lagos Business School Executive MBA Program Manager, Gabriella Opara, advised new students to make the most of the incredible resources available on the MBA to enhance their learning curve.

She also emphasized the value of networking with colleagues and taking advantage of opportunities to gain professional exposure through consulting projects and internships. Gabriella herself is Alumni of Lagos Business School, she landed a job at the institute after graduating at the top of her class and she is confident new students can repeat her success in their chosen field!

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