Lessons from the Ants

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Amazing right? Yeah. Don’t be surprised because, in the Holy book, precisely proverbs chapter 6 verse 6, we were referred to the ants, to learn her ways, so we might become wise. Here comes the argument: why will human (Homo Sapiens, as described by biologist) go to a tiny creature as ants, to learn from them? If there were nothing to learn from them (ants), we would not have been referred to them. What then are these lessons?

  1. They are well organized

Have you ever seen a large number of ants move on a straight line? If yes, then answer these questions: how did they arrange themselves? Who gave the order? This shows how organized these creatures are. There are three kinds of ants in a colony: workers, queen and males. Each kind of ant does different job. One striking thing is that, they carry out their tasks, using the division of labour system. Nothing is left undone in the ant colony. In the light of this, how organized are you?

2. They are selfless

Ants have an unbelievable spirit of unselfish unity. For instance, if they find out something eatable, immediately, they pass on the message to others. This explains why you often see large number of ants, clustered around a cube of sugar. This is unlike man, who holds the opinion that he must be satisfied first before others. Sincerely, we need to learn this principle from the ants.

3. They plan ahead

Ants prepare food in summer because they are consciously aware of the fact that there will be no food hunting in winter so, they prepare for a season yet to come. How well do you make plans for the future? Remember, the only way you can maximize any given moment is by preparing adequately for it. Always stay prepared!

4. They are tireless

Ants keep themselves busy all day long in order to achieve a task. It is not just enough to be busy but you must ensure that your activities are productive. Don’t just spend your time rather, invest it!

5. They work as a team

Everything an ant does is for the benefit of the colony and they work until they are done. They are seen as perfect team workers and with the ants, no one should be left behind, not even a wounded ant. How is your interaction with people? Are you a team player?

A group of ants working as a team to form a three dimensional geometric sculpture from glue and matchsticks. The ants are dip ends of matchsticks in glue dripping from a bottle of glue and place in position to form the shape on a marble worktop.

6. They schedule their rest

Ants work with the natural seasons. In summer, they gather their food and in winter they hibernate to conserve energy. You need to know when to stop. Burnout is when you have come to the end of yourself and suddenly give up and withdraw from all kinds of work. In order to avoid this, you need to schedule in period of rest, especially after the completion of a major project.

          There are countless lessons to learn from ants so, the next time you set your eyes on an ant, observe it closely, there is always something new to learn.

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