A typical Friday night in Lagos

Oluwagbemi Amojo Written by Oluwagbemi · 1 min read >

A typical Friday in Lagos is like a thug of war with a mixture of flex and chill.

It’s the first day of the weekend, and everyone likes to have fun in their unique ways. Yoruba’s say “omo to ba sise de de, o ye ko lasiko igbadun” meaning “anyone who works hard deserves a time out for chills.”

Anyone familiar with Lagos knows heavy traffic and the streets of Lagos are inseparable. It’s a whole new dimension on Friday nights. Is it the fuzz and buzz of cars? Or people trying to catch a bus with so many brushes and sway here and there; let’s not talk about the angry policemen looking for scapegoats.

Lagos is a handful, but we know all these make the Lagos we have come to cherish. Every working-class Lagosian considers Friday to be the most “cherished” working day of the week. Everyone looks forward to the weekend (especially if you are taking a full-time MBA at LBS) and spending time away for work and the regular patterns. For some, it is the moment to bond with their families. While for others, Friday nights represent the period when there is no difference between the working class and the ‘lap about’, “na chill all of us go chill”. The most exciting part is the various categories of people we have here in Lagos on a Friday and how they spend their Friday nights.

The Stuck in Traffic Geng

Almost everyone in Lagos experiences this daily, but Fridays are unique, especially for those coming from the island towards the mainland. Sometimes, people do not get to their destination until past midnight.

TGIF Pacesetters Geng

Friday nights are about the chills and flex for this group. They are always on the move, always have a location or group of friends to meet up with for the weekend vibes. These are the real “We are outside geng.”

The Give us Location Geng

The “anyone goes geng” are down for anything life throws at them on a Friday night. They patiently await their friends to post a location or get an invite. “Team always ready” and “never to be caught unfresh.” The good this is that they are the life of the party.

The Social Introverts

They always seem to anticipate the Friday chills but end up in their bed (comfort zone), viewing people’s feeds and updates. There is always an excuse for why they can’t make it. Do I blame them? Of cos not, considering the efforts and debit alerts that come with Friday’s night chills.

The Friday Night Vigil Geng

We see our Friday nights as a moment to give thanks rather than party hard. We always have a  revival to attend. There’s always a prayer or worship session somewhere. Due to COVID-19 and tech’s help, we can easily worship in the comfort of our rooms.

Lagos comes first on the list when it comes to nightlife in Nigeria. It never disappoints the fun seekers and the nightcrawlers. There is never a dull moment in the beautiful city of Lagos with several spots to visit and have a lot of fun, during the day and night.

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