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As you all must have heard I got into Lagos Business school which was on my bucket list for this year I am happy I achieved it and I can tick it off my list, the courses have been so educating and the lecture I cannot believe we have such smart people in this world .Their way of teaching is amazing I think the saying that says we don’t value what we have in this country is true, I can see it from my lectures at LBS .I wonder why people leave the country and go outside the country to pay millions of naira whereby we and have solid and very good lectures like them in Nigeria .I studies Human Resources because of my fear for courses that had to do with numbers but with this amazing lectures I have been able to learn course that have to do with numbers without fear .

Its been close to 3months and we are approaching the end of the first half of the first semester ,but the workload is still much, one thing about LBS is that they make you work for your grades .LBS has made me do thing that I never thought in my words my brain could carry ,I would always say my brain is to fragile for all this school stress .As a matter of fact when I had my BSC I would always say I wasn’t sure I was going to go for a second degree and I felt the BSC was enough for me to get a good job and start  my life as a young lady .

I pushed myself to start the MBA program at LBS with the help of my parents, my parents were supportive they were willing to pay the fees and supported me emotionally and physically they were always there for me to talk to and cry too.

The first test we had as an MBA 20 set was the financial accounting test the pressure was real everyone in the call was so scared because we did not know what to expect ,and also with the fact that it was our first writing test so we were so scared ,we wrote it although the timing for the test was too short .At the end of the test the lecturer explained to us that the short timing was intentional and wanted to test how fast we could prepare accounting statements.

Then we had the Data analysis test that one was another pressure I was so scared not because I was not prepared but because I felt this course was not my background, so I was so confused and didn’t want to make mistakes.

Now the exams are on Monday, do you think I should be scared? I really don’t know that’s my honest answer. I know I have written a few tests to know what the exams should be like but I am not still sure. Coupled with exams we still have our CFA project and blogging to do ,this obviously entails so much hard work .So I have decided to give it my best shot.

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