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Two months ago, while working at an organization, the pressure was much, and therefore thought nothing could ever supersede the stress I felt then.

My experience so far at the Lagos business school (LBS) has been a mix of many feelings: stressful, impactful, mind-boggling, and enjoyable. The experience has transformed my lifestyle entirely.

Where do I start?

I used to live in Ibadan, where life was much easier and less stressful. Having to adapt to the change in the environment is one thing, another, is having to cope with the rigorous tasks and assignments the MBA programs entail.


Procrastination is a challenge I have to overcome. Because, in LBS, the more you procrastinate, the lesser your chances of meeting deadlines. Perhaps you think the deadline is still far, but while you have deferred that assignment, assignments from other courses start to compound the problem. Then you are confused as regards which to prioritize.


Writing has never been my area of interest, evident from the various social media accounts I have – most of them do not have activities. Most times, I keep thoughts in my head and leave them there without writing them down. Most LBS courses require you to write a report at some point or the other. Even the Corporate Financial Accounting I anticipated would be strictly about numbers requires a report. Then I realized there is no escaping this time.

Although, I feel proud when I write some blogs because I begin to wonder, “Did I write this?”.

Class Participation

This was a challenge at first, but I already heard a lot about how I could leverage class participation to improve my overall performance during the MBA. Although, it is a bit challenging, especially for courses like Analysis of Business Problems. I go with a dissected case in my head but analysis in class would be entirely different. Most times, I often freeze when things are not going as I have anticipated and as a result, have impacted my class participation score.

Case Studies

Upon resumption, we were told we would be analyzing about 600 cases during the entire program, I thought, how is that even possible? Considering someone who prefers watching videos to reading novels, hence I anticipated a huge problem in that regard.

In summary, the journey so far has been an interesting one, I have learnt a whole lot of things and related with all different kinds of people.

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