Defending Jacob

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The beautiful thing about non school blogs is, all types of stories come to light. Today we officially give thanks to Apple TV for the gift of this great content. Ceaser, salad, slice bread, peanut butter and all those who make good content available. Be rest assured you will recieve your praise. This movie or show is an adaptation of William Landay’s bestselling novel.

Its one thing to be accused of murder, but when your 14-year-old son is accused of stabbing his classmate(multiple times) to death. And to top it off, your dad has been serving time for the most part of your life. For the rape and murder of a teenage girl. Everyone now thinks the “murder gene” is doing rounds in the family.

That’s the situation Andy Barber (Chris Evans) finds himself in. We all know him as “Captain America” but there isn’t an Avenger team coming to save him here or trying to put in a good word for him. Just a legal team.

The Barber family went from being the perfect model family in the town to outcasts just overnight. That’s like from 100 to 0 Lightning “negative” mcqeen style. Things get complicated when it’s discovered he’s son had bad blood with the victim and he was at the crime scene but didn’t call 911, and his fingerprint was pulled off the body because he touched it. Looks sketchy right?

To make matters worse, the case is handled by Andy’s nemesis, Neal Logiduice (played by Pablo Schreiber from 12 Strong and American Gods). Well, it will be interesting to see how this plays out and the culprit exposed. But can the family withstand the heat during this insane period? because there is no guidebook or manual for such situations.

This show has a host of familiar faces in the movie industry from all ages, and to list a few. We’ve got Chris Evans, Cherry Jones, Poorna Jagannathan, Michelle  Dockery, Jaeden Martell, and others.

So why don’t you brace yourself for this crime thriller from the comfort of your homes, after the exams please.

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