Love is a Scam!!!

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Love is said to be an affectionate and passionate feeling people have for one another, love can be seen between a couples, mother and child, friends, and family. I would like to share my thoughts on love between two individuals that are adults and old enough to control their feelings, not just controlling their feelings but been able to understand what they feel for each other. When people are in love, they should be able to differentiate if what they share is love or lust. Most people who claim to be experienced when it comes to experiencing love always say love is a beautiful thing, but I will always say love is scam.

Most people get scammed by their so-called partner or lover to be in pursuit of the term love, I have experienced situations whereby people go into relationships to experience love, care, affection, and someone to share personal issues with or someone to motivate them, but they end up getting played at the end of the relationship.

Love can feel complicated, and many factors contribute to “falling in love”. Things like physical chemistry, sexual attraction and shared interests may fuel that initial spark, but due to my personal experience, I have found out that the key factor to both falling (and staying) in love is compatibility!

Compatibility is an often-misunderstood concept. Compatibility does not refer to physical attraction, chemistry or even similarity. It is the ease with which two people communicate and relate to each other. I like to think of compatibility as to how two people’s energy or vibes combine and naturally flow. This ease of relating is the vital component of falling in love!

As cheesy as this may sound, you fall in love with the person that completes you. When their personality brings out the best in you and vice versa, that bond is something you just can’t ignore. People naturally want to be with partners who make them a better person.

All relationships undergo the “honeymoon” stage. This is the part where everything seems so perfect, and no challenge can bring you and your partner’s relationship down. But after the honeymoon stage, what happens? Different problems arise and you come to see your partner’s true colors — the flaws, shortcomings, and everything undesirable.

After this honeymoon stage you find out that love is truly a scam that same partner of yours that you couldn’t sleep without talking too, you get to find out that you can go a day or more without talking to him or her.

I have experienced situations whereby ladies’ way above my age are not married because they had invested so much of their precious time loving and caring for a particular guy who they felt had the same feeling they had for the person. I believe ladies shouldn’t give their all when there are falling in love, most people I have spoken to have told me that my opinion of not given your whole heart when going to relationship is false. People are of the opinion of dating and marrying who is your friend and not just a random guy, who you have just hanged out with occasionally. I still believe that love is scam and its not as rosy as people always say it is.


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