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Spain with a silent “s” is slang for pain among new generational folks. It’s a cynic term for mocking a pain you do not yet understand.

This was how Rasheedat felt on a cold dicey Wednesday afternoon when the love of her life, Attahiru, left her for a newly found interest.


Rasheedat and Attahiru have been together for over 3 years. They met during the course of their MBA program at the Lagos business school. They were like “Bonny and Clyde”, not even the heavens could come in between this two.

Everyone rooted for them, they were “the talk of the town” and we all anticipated this union.

Eventually, the “d-day” came and they tied the Union.


Rasheedat got home earlier than usual from work. She has been working really hard lately to get the company financial statements ready before the deadline. She finished on time and her boss decided to give her the day off as a good gesture for being hard working. She was happy and couldn’t wait to get home to be with her lover so they can spend more time together. She dashed home only to receive a shocker.


Yetunde was the new employee at the firm where Attahiru works. As team members, they spent long hours together trying to achieve the firm’s objectives. She had no idea at the time that Attahiru was married. Though it was unethical, they got into an affair and kept it a secret due to company policies. This egregious deceit by Attahiru made it easy to deceive Yetunde with vague promises of a forever after.


Attahiru had just been given his annual leave for the year (meaning he won’t be working for the next 1 month). He spent most of his time going on dates with his newly found interest, getting her expensive presents and trying to perfect his deceit.

On that faithful Wednesday afternoon, knowing fully well his wife will still be at work he decided to invite Yetunde over to the house. She called in sick at work and was given the day off. She went to the house and they got cosy.

Connecting the dots

Rasheedat rushed into the house to embrace her lover only to see him in the arms of another woman. Her world suddenly came to a pause. She didn’t see this coming and never suspected Attahiru of cheating. It was a shocker. She had never experienced anything like this. She felt (S) Pain!

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