The Mafia

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What do you assume when you hear about the mafia? Presumably a drug lord, with his cartel, equipped with loads of guns, firepower, and bulletproof, tattooed bodyguards, with Rottweilers and pit-bulls at every entrance and exit?

Don’t you think that’s being a bit stereotypical?… “laughs in Italian”

A mafia is a group or body of criminals that have a complex and ruthless behavioral code.

“Does this mean?”
“Well, let’s proceed”

My colleagues and I have been manually blogging for the past few weeks, possibly over a month. It’s getting to the point where all our thoughts are fuzzy and our minds are clouded with a lot. Personal thoughts on one hand; lack of time for family, friends, pets, things that we naturally love and choose to spend time with every other day, and then school work on the other. Courses to revise on, assignments, group presentations, all these going on while tests are taking place and exams are around the corner.

This is a tattletale of a mafia who likes to be called by his first name. At some point, he did something so unspeakable in class. He asked us to get out our pen, piece of paper, and switch seats. Grown men and women were already scared because we assumed it was time for a pop quiz that could earn us points in our final grading. But guess what?

“Bet you couldn’t have seen this one coming either…”

After switching seats, he opened a YouTube channel, and asked us to sing along to the Karaoke of one of Celine Dion’s famous songs “That’s the way it is”.

In all honesty, I’m not even going to lie. This was one of the most fun moments I’ve had in class. It took away the stress for a bit, made me loosen up, and this was something I had a huge passion for, music.

“So, why not?”
“You only live once right? #YOLO.”
“Learn to live in the moment.“

Although a lot of us would’ve loved our blogging assignments dropped or at least reduced to one blog post per week or maybe cut down the magnitude of words to about two hundred per post, anything just to make it easy. I must say that the whole process of writing has really helped build my interaction and conversational skills, speaking and writing abilities, my use of words, punctuations, among many others, and I’ve gotten to know my colleagues a bit deeper through their writing and their expression of their inner selves using words. I even made special friends along the way. That’s a huge win if you ask me.

So, like he who shall not be named said, If the blogs can only leave a positive effect on us, then he is happy, he is fulfilled.

This has to be one Mafia that I’d love to work with in the future, because anyone who’s out for my personal growth is my friend, even with his glasses and evil grin. His approach might not be what I’m used to, or something I’m comfortable with, but as long as I’m seeing and achieving positive results, then “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

“The great things in life are at the other side of fear and comfort”.

We move.

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