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Manchester United: Glory Glory United!

Anthonia Nnabuko Written by Anthonia Nnabuko · 3 min read >
Manchester United

Before I begin, please note I have questions at the end of this write up that need your candid answer. No Manchester United slander will be allowed (smiles). Thank you.

How I joined Manchester United

I have five amazing brothers uniquely different in their choice of sport and football club. Temidayo Joseph, the baby of the house has special effect on me more than others. Well, maybe because he is the baby of the house and it was as though I birthed him. Or because he is the gentlest man of the five; there is just a softness, bond, and special love for him and vice versa. A sweet boy he is. ‘Boy Joe’ as popularly called at early age developed love for Manchester United and this rubbed off on me. He gist with me about the club so much that I became interested and with time became a fan. In summary, I joined Manchester United because of my super amazing ‘boy Joe’. A decision I am proud of till this very moment and not changing ever!

About My Club: Manchester United

Manchester United is a professional football club founded about 143 years ago by Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway. Called ‘Newton Heath FC’ at the time. The name was changed to Manchester United 119 years ago. Currently located in Old Trafford, Manchester, England. Manchester United is top three consistent reputable clubs in England. I know ‘haters’ (non-Manchester United fans) will say not true, not that their opinion matters anyways, it is what it is. We are nicknamed ‘Red Devils’; trust me, there is nothing devilish about us. So, I will stick with ‘Glory Glory United’. Manchester United in 2016/2017 was the highest earning football club with over €676m. Also, the world’s third most valuable football club in 2019. My club has more titles than other club in history. Records don’t lie, the figures are accurate. You think otherwise? Let’s relate in comment section.

Manchester United in My Home

Let’s gist for a minute. Is it really a rule that when you get married, your wife must by default support the same football club as you? Well, I broke that jinx in my home! I respectfully decline joining Arsenal as Mr. Husband is a ‘die hard fan’. I love my club (Manchester United) but I do not talk other club down. Win or lose, my allegiance is to ‘United’. I have to say this though, I have respect for Arsenal fans. Special shout out to all Arsenal fans reading this, you are the real MVP. The reason is because regardless of the ‘gbasgbos on social media’ (dragging and negative comments), they have been consistently keeping on. I just can’t imagine someone in the name of love wanting me to support such team.

We have reached an agreement in my home though, when Manchester United wins, Mr. Husband cooks but when we lose, I cook. Unfortunately, I have been cooking most weekends now, my club been losing, so sad. This agreement enables us stick with our club and still get at each other in a fun way. Maybe you should try it in your home.

The Reign of Sir Alex Ferguson

Manchester United bought back ‘Ororo’ (Christian Ronaldo) in September 2021 and Cavani was kind enough to give Ronaldo back his iconic number 7 earlier given to him by the great Ferguson. Talking about the well-respected Sir Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester United in 1986 and retired in 2013. The best manager of all time. He raised stars/legends and won lots of trophies. I have high regards for Sir Ferguson but his leadership style left me with questions. For me, he did not foresee the future where he will one day retire. As such, identify and train people under him for same managerial position. When he left United, getting a successor became an issue; it is still an issue.

The True Fulfilment of Man: Ethics Way

As learnt in business ethics, the true fulfilment of man is the ability to impact and help people become better version of themselves in same field and beyond. Instilling in them values, virtues, morals, principles, integrity and fairness. For someone who spent 27 years in Manchester United, it would have been fulfilling to have several persons trained by him, ready to take over. That I know, he had about seven assistants, how come none of them became Manchester United coach since 2013? Since Ferguson resigned as a coach in United, getting someone close has been difficult. The shoe is so big, getting someone’s feet to fit is becoming more difficult in 2021. Our sad reality. It shows why for every time we lose, fans want Ole out.

Our Present Predicament: Ole Solskjaer

Ole Solskjaer, the present Manchester United manager appointed in 2019 is losing games now more than last season. Manchester City whopped us 2 goals to nil yesterday and the hurt is fresh. Mr. husband was super happy, I saw it! There is just something missing in all Manchester United managers/coach signed since 2013 to date. I have learnt from Sir Alex’s leadership style to always ensure that I pass knowledge on. Also identify, and train subordinates for the future. This is because to everything under heaven, there is time and season, one man cannot be in-charge forever. When you are no longer holding that position, are there people you have equipped with intrinsic and extrinsic goods? Pass on values and excellence. Can you go to sleep with surety that they will deliver?

Regardless of the challenge in my club right now, I will always be a Manchester United fan, forever United!

Question Segment

What do you think is the way out for Manchester United’s continuous losing? Should our Manager be changed or are the players the problem?

Written by Anthonia Nnabuko
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